The Mystical, Mythical Moon

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By Janet Morris Grimes –

I have always been enchanted by the moon. Majestically traveling across the night sky, its light stops me in my tracks. Powerful enough to cause the tides in the ocean; gentle enough to appear to be winking at me, at times. Consistent enough to control all calendars, the moon is important to all cultures. And when I see it, I have no choice but to lift up a prayer of thanks. I find it comforting, a peephole into heaven.

It has a strange reputation, that moon. In a survey conducted in 1988, 13% of the respondents believed the moon was indeed made of cheese. There could never truly be a ‘man on the moon,’ as it has no water and cannot sustain life, but that hasn’t stopped us from spending billions to visit and investigate. Due to the lack of gravity, a person who weighs 180 pounds here on Earth, weighs only 30 pounds on the moon.

As it turns out, much of what we believe about the moon is actually a myth. Considered the second brightest object in the sky, other than the sun, the surface is actually quite dark. It’s basically a ball of dry rock, with a few craters along the surface. The temperature, when it faces the sun, is over 300 degrees. For the side that is away from the sun, the temperature is -300 degrees.

Still, I find it mesmerizing. I love that Earth only has one moon, as opposed to the 63 moons of Jupiter. A soldier can be in Afghanistan, looking at the moon, and know that his family back home sees the same one.

Perhaps what amazes me most is that the moon itself has no light to offer. It’s value comes from reflecting the sun. And, the more it faces the sun, the more light it has to offer.

The same is true for myself. My value comes from reflecting the Son. Alone, there is little that is good about me. But the more I face the Son, the more light I can reflect.

The mystical, mythical moon. I want to be just like it, when I grow up.

BIBLE VERSE: “…it will be established forever like the moon, the faithful witness in the sky” (Psalm 89:37 NIV).

Hysterical Society

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By Cynthia Ruchti –

Our local historical society stays busy resurrecting bits of history, restoring ancient artifacts, and maintaining a charming museum that draws more traffic than one would think for a small town.

The walls and displays and collections in the museum reveal a past, now invisible.

At one time, along the jaundiced-sounding, but intriguing, Yellow River, flourished a loud, but productive, lumber industry. It was so many years ago that no one alive today has sawdust on their shoes. A significant pottery business thrived, too, sometime in history. Fire destroyed most of the two-story buildings in town, twice, if I remember correctly. And out here where I live, eight miles from town, another village existed with a railroad interchange, or so the story goes. There’s no evidence in the landscape or the neighborhood. We can’t even see a dent where railroad ties must have been. But the historical society knows. And they’ll get the details right.

Devoted to preserving historical accuracy, they’ll inform me who was mayor when the first fire raged and how many times the physical therapy building changed hands before its current use—from mechanic’s shop to general store to fabric shop (that one I remember) to—Was there something between the fabric shop and physical therapy?

The historical society could tell me.

As respected as are the members of the historical society, I’ve sometimes wondered how popular a hysterical society would be. They’d laugh hysterically over the antics of the locals. They’d tell hysterical stories about the time the semi-trailer full of cheese broke down outside of town and the community youth group saved the day by rewrapping the cheese, earning enough money to keep the ministry going for another few months.

The laughing kind of hysterical society would gain a quick reputation…for preserving and restoring old joy.

In the book of Proverbs, we’re reminded about God’s thoughts on laughter. “Laughter doeth good,” He said, “like medicine.”

“Laughter doeth” is a nice historical and hysterical way of putting it, isn’t it?

PRAYER: Lord God, I sometimes act as if serious thoughts are the only valuable thoughts. But You told us it’s not only good and worthwhile but medicinal, healing, to laugh. Forgive me for the times I pushed laughter aside as a waste of time. Help me recall the history of the hysterical You’ve woven throughout life and find ways to give others the gift of laughter.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones” Proverbs 17:22, NIV.

Shots and Smiles

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By Aubrey Spencer –

I recently had to take our one-year-old daughter to get her blood drawn for a routine test. As I was sitting there with her on my lap, waiting for the tear-inducing ordeal to begin, I couldn’t help but to think back to our first experience with shots, after our son Oliver was born. He wasn’t very old when we experienced that inevitable, unavoidable, have-to-do-it-for-their-own-good, parental moment – the first set of shots.

I remember the day clearly. Oliver was asleep when we got to the clinic. Peaceful. Content. Unaware. Unprepared for what was about to happen. Jarrod sat him on his lap. Pinned his arms against his little chest. And, before we knew it, whammo! One awful shot down. One awfully sad baby. I think it had to be easier for Jarrod than for me. He might have had to hold him, but I’m the one who saw his face. Heartbroken. Scared. Shocked. Hurt. I wanted to pick him up and tell him that nothing else bad was going to happen. But, of course I knew better. He still had two leg jabbing, tear inducing, “what in the world did you just do to me?” shots left. Thankfully, in no time at all and three band-aids later, the whole ordeal was over. He ended up handling the situation pretty well. (His parents made it through okay too.) Tears only came when the shots did. And, he calmed down right away once we comforted him. Smiles even returned later that day.

I wonder if God has moments like that with us. Days when He has to let us go through something unpleasant, even painful, for our own good? Times when He allows the stabbing pain of loneliness, selfishness, bad decisions, or pride to prick our hearts? It must be awful for Him. He sees our broken lives, our hurt feelings, our scared souls. I’m sure He’d like to tell us that nothing else will ever hurt again like that. But, of course, He knows better. He knows us. We will mess up again. Life will be tough again. Tears will come again. He can’t keep us from experiencing all the shots we take in life. We oftentimes have to endure the pain in order to grow. He will, however, hold us, comfort us, and carry us through until the band-aids fall off and the smiles return!

PRAYER: Lord, I can only imagine how difficult it must be for You to watch Your children struggle, time and time again. But I praise You for always comforting us through the hard times and loving us through it all. Even though the process is most often unpleasant, I thank You, Lord for allowing growth to come from the pains we face in life, and for giving us reason to smile.

BIBLE VERSE: “For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations” (Psalm 100:5 NIV).

You’ll Miss Your flight

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By Peter Lundell –

“You’ll miss your flight,” the agent said. If she were comatose, she would have been just as helpful. Because of airlines buying other airlines, I was at the wrong terminal. I got mad at the airline, mad at the unhelpful personnel, mad that every shuttle was going to Car Rental, instead of the terminal where I needed to be.

So I selfishly asked God to delay the flight. A sympathetic driver took me to the other terminal, after a quick stop at Car Rental. I clenched my teeth through the Transportation Safety Administration lines, where of course they had only one screening line open.

The flight was delayed.

As I calmed down before boarding, the Holy Spirit prompted me. I had been tested. And I had failed the test. Still, God had been gracious to me by delaying the flight until I could arrive, but I had not lived up to my character as a follower of Jesus.

Then my connecting flight was canceled. “You’ll have to stay here overnight,” another not-so helpful agent said. I made up my mind not to fail this second test.

I smiled. “You can do better than that.” At Customer Service, another agent put me on standby for the next flight and said, “You still won’t get on. It’s a small regional jet, and we have too many people waiting. Come back afterwards.” So I selfishly asked God to let me on the flight. But this time calmly, with faith, and the added request that no one else suffer because of me.

One passenger had not shown up, but I was impossibly low—eleventh—on the standby list. I calmly waited. Even if I didn’t get on, it was okay because I was passing this character test, which had become more important to me than the flight.

Problems are temporary; character is lifelong. And little victories add up to big differences.

And as it turned out, I got on the plane, filling the one remaining spot created just for me.

PRAYER: Lord Jesus, You are always with me. And my being with you is more important than anything I do or that happens to me. Lead me to always trust you put my character first.

BIBLE VERSE: “You will keep in perfect peace him whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in you” (Isaiah 26:3 NIV).

The Battle Belongs to the Lord

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By Aubrey Spencer –

It seems I spend a great amount of time each day involved in battle. A heated battle. Often a losing battle. I honestly feel as if I’m up against an opponent that never retreats. It’s frustrating and oh so tiring.

You may be wondering what this fight is. Who knows? You might even struggle with the same enemy.

It is toys! Mounds and mounds of toys. That’s right, I’m battling toys. They are overtaking my house and they seem to multiply. I fight hard to keep things picked up, to put the toys where they go, but the reality is, I am losing the war. With a three and a half year old and a one year old at home, it’s a wonder why I even engage in this battle. It’s inevitable that the moment I can actually see the floor, one of my little darlings is right behind me, dumping out yet another basket of toys. I can’t count the number of times each day I crawl on the floor, bend over, or crouch down to retrieve one that has tried to escape. Seriously, do these toys clone themselves?

Just the other day, as I was on my knees picking up toys for the tenth time that morning, I thought to myself, “look at all this time I’m wasting.” And then it hit me. “Look at all this time I’m wasting!”

Instead of using all that time on my hands and knees griping, consumed in the task of clean up, I could be on my knees, picking up toys, praying for my children. I could take advantage of being on my knees. I could see it as a blessing instead of a battle. What a perfect opportunity. What a different perspective. It’s as if God reached down and smacked me with a fresh outlook. I now look forward to cleaning up the toys. I like knowing that I will have many, many, times throughout the day to cover my children in prayer.

Though it took me a while to realize it, but the battle really does belong to Lord.

PRAYER: Lord, it is so easy to see obstacles instead of opportunities. Help me to have a fresh perspective. Allow me to use my everyday to draw closer to You, to glorify You, and to make a difference for You. Remind me that every battle is an opportunity in waiting.

BIBLE VERSE: “…Do not be …discouraged…For the battle is not yours, but God’s” (2 Chronicles 20:15 NIV).

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