Can God Do Anything

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By R. J. Gunter

I came to Christ as a teenager and opposition from the enemy began on a daily basis. For me it came in the form of a high school class mate that I will refer to as Tim. He was an atheist and a self proclaimed persecutor of Christians. He always dressed in black and insisted on sitting across the table from me at lunch in the cafeteria. 
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The Patient Can Be Saved

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By George Dalton –

Unless you have been living in a cave on some deserted island, you are aware that our country is in trouble. Our economy is at best flat.  You know, when a patient in the hospital drama shows on TV goes flat line, everybody jumps into gear to rescue him.   If you could watch a monitor on our country we are getting dangerously close to flat line. Read more

Live in Love

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By Heather Arbuckle –

The news of the day quickly consumed my joy as I cautiously reviewed the headlines.  Corruption, hate, and threats greeted me as I sipped my coffee in astonishment. Truly, the “bad news” was more than I could stand. Though I had vowed to faithfully intercede on my nation’s behalf, praying daily through the headlines, I felt helpless. My heart grew heavy as I shook my head in disbelief at the malice that lay before me. In that moment, God’s glorious creation seemed darker than ever before. My stomach in knots, I shut the lid to my laptop and quietly prayed, “LORD, where has the love gone?” Read more

My Favorite Book

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By George Dalton –

I love reading the Bible. My Bible is like everyone else’s. It has hundreds of underlined passages in it. Yet I am still finding new passages to underline. Of all the books in the Bible, my favorite only has three pages and two chapters. Read more


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By George Dalton –

Do you find it strange how we speak elegantly and pay tribute to mothers? Yet the same lady can be humiliated and dishonored on late night television if she is your wife’s mother or husband’s mother. Read more

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