The Blame Game

June 11, 2024 by  
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If you had siblings when you were growing up, then you probably know quite a lot about the blame game. Being the oldest of three kids, I must say that there was plenty of blame passed around at my house during the 1970s. Since that time my brother will tell you that most of the time when my sister got in trouble it was because of something I had thought of doing, he had done and she had gotten blamed for. Sadly, that is probably pretty close to the truth.

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The Gift of Music

June 7, 2024 by  
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Paris, Texas boasts one of the few municipal bands in the land. My husband, Russ, played baritone for the band, and he found rehearsals and performances both a challenge and a joy. We enjoyed spending our summer going to the open-air concerts.

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A Birds Eye View

June 6, 2024 by  
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Dancing around from side to side, taking shortcuts underneath the plants to the next row, the bird constantly pecked into the earth, ferreting around for the first meal of the day. Occasionally the bird would stop and “chew” and swallow some undetermined shard but then, all of a sudden, the uncompromising peck into the fertile ground brought forth a prize-sized earthworm worthy of fastidious consumption! Little by little the earthworm disappeared into the contented stomach of my feathered garden guest!

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Bear Prayer

June 3, 2024 by  
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"Keep praying, honey," my father told me as we sat at the campground picnic table. It was the longest prayer I think I ever prayed. Out of the corner of his eye, my dad had seen a black bear come near our tent, just as I had begun to say grace over our hotdogs and macaroni salad. He knew as long as I prayed everyone in the family would keep their eyes closed, and thus remain calm and safe. Eventually, the bear left and daddy allowed me to finish my prayer. My dad knew just what to do to keep everyone calm in the face of potential danger, and our Heavenly Father knows, too.

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June 1, 2024 by  
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One of my big projects this year was organizing the clutter in our butler pantry/office. I've read a humorous article about clutter, illustrating how our messes tend to run our lives. We think we are mastering clutter, when really we are just making piles of it, or moving it from one place to another. Everyone has a certain amount of clutter, whether it is a junk room, a junk closet, or a junk drawer.

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