The Wife Has a New Tattoo

May 27, 2024 by  
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By Darren Marlar 

My wife was gone for two weeks visiting family and friends – she finally got back home late last night.  We spent the day together today and she told me that she’d brought something back home with her from Kansas City.

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An Invitation

May 26, 2024 by  
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You are cordially invited to rest in the arms of the One who loves you the most, to sit at His feet in worship, to partake of His banqueting table, to receive His outrageous blessings, to bask in the glory of His presence, to see the beauty of His holiness and to drink from the well of living waters.

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Accidental Love

May 25, 2024 by  
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Tomorrow I would turn sixteen. Today, I was running errands with my Mom in her car. I was driving through an intersection when another car slammed into us, pushing us into a telephone pole. My head hit the rearview mirror and split the bridge of my nose wide open. The car was totaled. After thirteen stitches and a citation for running a yellow light, which to this day I don't remember seeing, I found myself sitting at home; waiting for my Dad.

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Letting Go of the Prodigal Child

May 24, 2024 by  
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By Robi Ley 

His eyes narrowed, his jaw clenched, and his hands curled into fists, a sure sign of a forthcoming tantrum from the volatile child I love so much. The trouble was, he was a twenty-seven year old man and I had just told him that his lifestyle was unacceptable to me and he could no longer live in my home. This was a hard moment as I faced off with my son who insisted on pursuing a relationship with a married woman and was angry that I didn’t support his choice of girlfriend.  His anger was fed, I know, by guilt. He knew the relationship was wrong. He admitted it was wrong, and yet he refused to break it off.

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My Uncle Pal

May 23, 2024 by  
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The Special Olympics begins this weekend. After hearing about it on Good Morning America it really prompted me to take a glance back to my childhood. I had the privilege to be raised in a home where there was someone who had Down Syndrome—my uncle. Yes, my heroic mother was the primary caregiver of my uncle during my childhood and now my aunt takes care of Steve.

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