Daily Devotions

Eternal Prizes

By Gillis Killam - The 2014 Olympics were held this year in Sochi, Russia amid some of the most difficult circumstances ever. There was the threat of terrorists, causing great fear that this would erupt and put many lives in danger.... [Read more of this devotional]

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Christian Life

A Honeymoon Do-Over

By Diane Mayfield –   I just returned from a fabulous trip to Maui, Hawaii, with my husband Dave. We had not been back there for thirty-seven years. This trip was our honeymoon... 


By Makenzie Allen- Opal is a precious stone made from silica, taken mostly from sandstone, and water. This solution runs along cracks and crevices where the water then evaporates and... 


By Heather Allen-  When I was six I was overcome. I knelt down and confessed that I sinned, regularly, I needed someone who would intervene. I became a teenager. I wrestled with staying... 

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Real Treasure

By Mary Sefzik –  “When did you leave for work?” I could tell by the tone of Mom’s voice something wasn’t right. “Our house has been burglarized.” My... 

I’ve Got That Joy

By Elaine James - Merrily I sang, “I’ve got that joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart…” “Why didn’t I sing this song sooner?” I wondered. Earlier... 


By Elaine James - Take a moment and remember a time when you were outside in the pitch black of the night and saw the amazing sky in all of its vastness. Did you lie down and look up... 

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Faith Like a Taco

By Rhonda Rhea – Okay, so here’s an idea. A taco, but with a folded hamburger patty for the shell. Because nobody lives forever anyway. It makes me want to imagine there’s... 

Let’s Heed It!

By Liz Cowen Furman -   The car swung easily into the parking space at the far edge of the economy lot at Denver International Airport. I wrote the name “TROUT Row M”, on the... 

March Madness

By Kim Stokely - Ah, March. The old saying is that it comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. In my house it comes in with my husband’s siren call of “IT’S MARCH MADNESS... 

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Broken Allegiance by Mark Young

By Nike Chillemi – An accident that killed his son, shattered Detective Tom Kagan’s life. The offending driver, a gangbanger, ran from the scene and was never brought to justice.... 

The Darkest Valley by Rick Dewhurst

Reviewed by Nike Chillemi – The Darkest Valley by Rick Dewhurst is a profound novel, and like all profound books is not always easy to read. I’m reminded of an old cocktail... 

Fields Of The Fatherless by Elaine Marie Cooper

Reviewed By Tammy Doherty - FIELDS OF THE FATHERLESS is an incredibly well-written novel. Its depth of historical facts is amazing. Our family celebrates Patriots Day every year, often... 

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Find Your Calling

Go Ahead – Take a Big Sip

By Dan Miller Theologian John S. Dunne tells the story about a group of Spanish sailors who reached the continent of South America after a long and dangerous voyage. They happened to approach right at the headwaters of the Amazon River, an expanse of water so wide the sailors assumed it was a continuation of the Atlantic Ocean. [Read more of this review]  Read More →

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