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Calling for Volunteers to Get Involved

The Christian Pulse is a cutting-edge, web magazine that is built on a solid foundation of values, integrity, and excellence. Since 2005, we have worked hard to put together a dedicated team of writers but we need help taking TCP to the next level. We are looking for fellow Christians who can help us with improving the technical side to include managing/updating our WordPress website. In addition, we would love help creating interactive web apps for mobile devices and developing video content as well. We are seeking talented Christians who would like to volunteer their skills or share their experience in the following areas: Journalism, Editing, Web Design, App Development, Marketing, Radio/Video Production, Fundraising, and more. Now is the perfect time to COME GET INVOLVED! To get started, send a current copy of your resume to with the type of role you are interested in volunteering for in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!  Read More →

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Christian Life

An Emotional Affair An Emotional Affair

By Robi Ley “We’re just friends. I can talk to him.” Have you ever said that about a man you know, but weren’t married to? If you have, you need to be aware of the inherent... 

Beautiful Snow Beautiful Snow

By Norma Vera Sitting by my window trying to write next month’s article, I am fascinated by the snow coming down over the West Texas Plains. Running through my mind is a poem... 

No Comparison No Comparison

By Cami Checketts My aunt used to tell me, “Honey you’re beautiful, but you’re just big-boned.” As you can imagine for a teenage girl, this sentiment bothered me a bit. But... 

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Don’t Drift Away Don’t Drift Away

By Jennifer Kearson Recently, I became a curious creature of habit as I researched an old classmate of mine. Over 20 years ago, I was intrigued by this guy since he seemed to have everything... 

God on the Spot – Part 2:The Plan God on the Spot – Part 2:The Plan

By Dianne E. Butts    A long-married husband sits at the bedside of his beloved wife. He loves her more now than when he married her. Yet illness is eating her body. He prays God... 

No Room For A Snake In The House No Room For A Snake In The House

By Susan Dollyhigh     Who put a rubber snake in here? The ugly, scaly, black thing lying in the hallway was coiled with its head up just a bit. Even so, I kept a good distance... 

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A Love Worth Celebrating A Love Worth Celebrating

By Kathi Macias February is quite a month, isn’t it? Shorter than the other eleven, it honors everything from past Presidents to groundhogs. But by far the most celebrated holiday... 

Midas Touch? Hardly. Midas Touch? Hardly.

By Rhonda Rhea One look in my fridge and we all realize I do NOT have the Midas touch. Gold? Um, no. It’s pretty clear from the blue-green glow coming from inside that fridge that... 

I Resolve To Learn How To Cook I Resolve To Learn How To Cook

By Jodi Whisenhunt A few years back, my teenage niece wanted to know how to make some basic meals and asked for a few emailed suggestions. That request evolved into a spiral bound collection... 

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Movie Review: Julie & Julia Movie Review: Julie & Julia

Director, Nora Ephrom Review by Nike Chillemi With Julie & Julia coming out on pay-per-view and DVD, I thought I’d put my two cents in on this movie. If you want a good tickle,... 

Emmy’s Equal Emmy’s Equal

Written by Marcia Gruver Review by Lena Nelson Dooley ISBN 978-1-60260-207-6 Barbour Historical Romance Texas Fortunes – Book 3 Back Cover Copy:  Read More →

Artist Spotlight: Evan Wickham Artist Spotlight: Evan Wickham

By Mark Bowyer With most people thinking of chocolates and falling in love with each other this time of year, one artist takes his music a step further and discusses the ultimate love—that... 

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Daily Devotions

Stuck in the Mud

It had rained all month long. Literally. I was discouraged and worried that my tender garden, planted just 13 weeks earlier wouldn’t be able to absorb much more rain. I decided it was time to venture out into my soppy, muddy garden and inspect the damage. I slipped on a pair of old flip-flops, grabbed my garden hoe, gloves and pail, and trotted to... [Read more of this review]

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