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Calling for Volunteers to Get Involved

The Christian Pulse is a cutting-edge, web magazine that is built on a solid foundation of values, integrity, and excellence. Since 2005, we have worked hard to put together a dedicated team of writers but we need help taking TCP to the next level. We are looking for fellow Christians who can help us with improving the technical side to include managing/updating our WordPress website. In addition, we would love help creating interactive web apps for mobile devices and developing video content as well. We are seeking talented Christians who would like to volunteer their skills or share their experience in the following areas: Journalism, Editing, Web Design, App Development, Marketing, Radio/Video Production, Fundraising, and more. Now is the perfect time to COME GET INVOLVED! To get started, send a current copy of your resume to with the type of role you are interested in volunteering for in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!  Read More →

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Christian Life

Meditating on God’s Word Might Even Help You Lose Weight!

By Julie Morris – Joshua 1:8 says that if you meditate on God’s Word you’ll be prosperous and successful. Millions of people in the U.S. are trying to lose weight, but lacking... 

The Yellow Brick Road

By Marty Norman – One of my favorite movies as a child was The Wizard of Oz.  Who couldn’t love Dorothy and Toto in Kansas?  She was every little girl back in the 1950s, Schwinn... 

Make Today Count…No Matter What

By Cami Checketts- At my local gym an older gentleman comes with his bottle of oxygen strapped to his back. When I watch him lift weights, I always think “That’s how I want... 

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Independence Day Brings Echoing Strains of Taps

By Dianne E. Butts – The Fourth of July brings many images to mind as we celebrate our independence and the founding of our beloved country. The rocket’s red glare. Bombs bursting... 

Tell Your Story

By Candace McQuain  – Everyone has a story. Our story is what makes us who we are, who we have been and who we will become. Each moment in our life has been specifically choreographed,... 

Friends for Life

By Pam Kumpe – Manuela sat across the lobby from me at work. She was a temperamental argumentative type of person (not with me) so many folks didn’t even try to get to know... 

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It’ll Curl Your Hair

By Rhonda Rhea – We’ve never been one of those families that sits around a campfire telling scary stories. Too creepy. Every once in a while, though, I have to admit I liked... 

June Gloom?

By Kathi Macias – Okay, if you recognized the term “June gloom,” you must be from California, right? Seriously, June gloom is a major weather phenomenon here on the West... 

Slightly Irregular

By Darren Marlar – Hey, congratulate me… I just turned forty! (Two years ago.) They say life begins at forty. Turns out they lied. As soon as I turned forty I started losing... 

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Book Review: No Safe Haven

Written by Kimberly and Kayla R. Woodhouse Reviewed by Nora St. Laurent Back Cover: Jenna and Andi Tikaani-Gray are hoping for a fresh start. Though twelve year-old Andi has long struggled... 

Book Review: The Year of Living Like Jesus

Written by Ed Dobson Reviewed by J. Renee Archer – Ed Dobson committed to living as Jesus did for an entire year. His goal was to do what Jesus the person would have done, not... 

Book Review: People of the Book

Written by Kathi Macias Reviewed by Nora St.Laurent – Back Cover: Will God protect and keep them safe in the midst of persecution? Farah lives in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, with her... 

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Daily Devotions

Is Freedom Free?

By Jarrod Spencer – Most of us have seen a phrase that closely resembles this…Freedom Isn’t Free. Around that phrase you will typically find a picture of someone who has spared their life so we could be free – most often a patriotic picture of a soldier. You could take that phrase and apply it to Jesus by thinking of Him as giving his life... [Read more of this review]

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