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Calling for Volunteers to Get Involved

The Christian Pulse is a cutting-edge, web magazine that is built on a solid foundation of values, integrity, and excellence. Since 2005, we have worked hard to put together a dedicated team of writers but we need help taking TCP to the next level. We are looking for fellow Christians who can help us with improving the technical side to include managing/updating our WordPress website. In addition, we would love help creating interactive web apps for mobile devices and developing video content as well. We are seeking talented Christians who would like to volunteer their skills or share their experience in the following areas: Journalism, Editing, Web Design, App Development, Marketing, Radio/Video Production, Fundraising, and more. Now is the perfect time to COME GET INVOLVED! To get started, send a current copy of your resume to with the type of role you are interested in volunteering for in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!  Read More →

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Christian Life

Setting and Revising Your Goals

By Don Otis – Warren and Julie are in their 60s, runners and professionals. It was not until after they climbed a peak with me in Colorado that I learned more about them. Both... 


By Jane Thornton – Sun glinted off my handlebars, the wind whispered around my goggles, and the leather seat jounced under my rear as my ATV slewed to a stop on the side of the... 

Control of Bodily Appetites

By Cami Checketts – Summer is coming to an end and I’m depressed. It’s hard to let the good times go. I love my boys being home with me, hiking, biking, swimming,... 

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But it’s just a Small Stain!

By Kathi Woodall – Looking so pretty in one of her favorite dresses, my five-year-old daughter was ready for church. I warned her to be careful not to drip any chocolate milk on her... 

Too Much Salt

By Alan Mowbray  – We all know about salt. You put it on french fries, potato chips, pretty much anything your mother-in-law cooks (well, not mine, of course), and foods that... 

Here Comes Harold Camping’s October 21, 2011!

By Dianne E. Butts – Last spring, Harold Camping made national news when he predicted the Rapture would occur May 21, 2011. What’s the Rapture? It is an event that many Christians... 

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Campus Security

By Emily M. Akin – “You’re not walking back to the dorm alone after 11:00 p.m., are you?” Mom’s face scrunched up with worry. “Yeah, that’s not a good idea,”... 

Bank On It

By Rhonda Rhea – I don’t want to admit how debit-card-dependent I am. It’s getting embarrassing. One day this week I couldn’t find my card. I looked everywhere all afternoon.... 

A Tooth for a Tooth

By Lynn Rebuck – Last week I had a wisdom tooth extracted. I am aware that there are many of you out there who have had four wisdom teeth removed at once, or two taken out together,... 

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Book Review: REVENGE by Mark Young

Review by Nike Chillemi – If you want a surprise ending, as in one you really can’t figure out no matter how your try — even if you create charts and graphs —... 

Book Review: PURSUED

Written by Lillian Duncan Review by Nike Chillemi This is a lady any cowboy worth is saddle would like to take over his knee and spank. Reggie Meyers, former foster child, now a big... 

Book Review: No Safe Haven

Written by Kimberly and Kayla R. Woodhouse Reviewed by Nora St. Laurent Back Cover: Jenna and Andi Tikaani-Gray are hoping for a fresh start. Though twelve year-old Andi has long struggled... 

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Daily Devotions

The Mystical, Mythical Moon

By Janet Morris Grimes – I have always been enchanted by the moon. Majestically traveling across the night sky, its light stops me in my tracks. Powerful enough to cause the tides in the ocean; gentle enough to appear to be winking at me, at times. Consistent enough to control all calendars, the moon is important to all cultures. And when I see it,... [Read more of this review]

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