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Calling for Volunteers to Get Involved

The Christian Pulse is a cutting-edge, web magazine that is built on a solid foundation of values, integrity, and excellence. Since 2005, we have worked hard to put together a dedicated team of writers but we need help taking TCP to the next level. We are looking for fellow Christians who can help us with improving the technical side to include managing/updating our WordPress website. In addition, we would love help creating interactive web apps for mobile devices and developing video content as well. We are seeking talented Christians who would like to volunteer their skills or share their experience in the following areas: Journalism, Editing, Web Design, App Development, Marketing, Radio/Video Production, Fundraising, and more. Now is the perfect time to COME GET INVOLVED! To get started, send a current copy of your resume to with the type of role you are interested in volunteering for in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!  Read More →

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Christian Life

Mea Culpa

By Jane Thornton – “Miss, I think I’m going to cry.” These words from a proud, young athlete drop into the silence around my desk. He’s here to practice one of the human race’s... 

Longing for a Better Country – A Heavenly One

By Heather Allen – A man, a stranger, sat himself at our table. I was drinking a cappuccino and playing speed scrabble with two good friends. He started talking, sharing life... 

Surprise Gift

By Diane Mayfield – I read Jarrod Spencer’s article “Surprise Me, God” and thought that was a great thing to ask God for each day, sort of like daily gifts. Being a girl who... 

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Behind the Battle Lines

By Jennifer Slattery – A few summers ago, our family spent a week in Branson. While there, we met a woman passionate about the life movement and we engaged in conversation. She told... 

A Dream

By DiAne Gates – SCRIPTURE: “How precious are Thou thoughts to me, O God! How vast is the sum of them! If I should count them, they would outnumber the sand. When I awake, I... 

Signs of the End Times? – Rebuilding Babylon

By Dianne E. Butts – Zechariah 5:11 and Isaiah 13 talk of prophecies against Babylon. But Revelation 14:8, 16:19, and chapters 17-18 talk about the fall of Babylon in the End... 

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Living Squinty-Eyed

By Cheri Cowell – Sunglasses in Florida are just a part of life, but that part of life gets more complicated when you wear prescription glasses. This past Saturday, I knew we... 

Sky Mall and the Things We Buy

By Peter Lundell – On a recent flight I browsed the Sky Mall catalog, which exists to showcase things every satisfied person ought to have. My favorites: A showerhead that lights... 


By Elaine James – “Oh my gosh,” I screamed as I approached the top of a small hill. I clinched the brake handles of my bicycle and came to a screeching halt. There I was, face... 

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Book Review: The Master’s Wall Book Review: The Master’s Wall

Written by Sandi Rog Reviewed by Nora St Laurent Back Cover: HE FIGHTS FOR HIS FREEDOM. SHE FIGHTS FOR HER LIFE. TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER. After watching Roman soldiers drag... 

Book Review: Never Without Hope Book Review: Never Without Hope

Written by Michelle Sutton Reviewed by Nike Chillemi – There’s something about Michelle Sutton’s Never Without Hope that kept me turning pages. Maybe it was because the author... 

Book Review: Christmas at Harrington’s Book Review: Christmas at Harrington’s

Written by Melody Carlson Reviewed by Nora St Laurent – Back Cover: Christmas is approaching, and Lena Markham finds herself penniless, friendless and nearly hopeless. She is... 

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Daily Devotions

Daddy, Daddy, I want to See

By Cheri Cowell – Don’t you just love to see the joy on a child’s face as he is lifted up on his daddy’s shoulders? As he rides safe and secure on his father’s back, he can see things he was unable to see before. “Daddy, Daddy, pick me up. I want to see,” the child pleads until her father lifts her high over... [Read more of this review]

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