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Calling for Volunteers to Get Involved

The Christian Pulse is a cutting-edge, web magazine that is built on a solid foundation of values, integrity, and excellence. Since 2005, we have worked hard to put together a dedicated team of writers but we need help taking TCP to the next level. We are looking for fellow Christians who can help us with improving the technical side to include managing/updating our WordPress website. In addition, we would love help creating interactive web apps for mobile devices and developing video content as well. We are seeking talented Christians who would like to volunteer their skills or share their experience in the following areas: Journalism, Editing, Web Design, App Development, Marketing, Radio/Video Production, Fundraising, and more. Now is the perfect time to COME GET INVOLVED! To get started, send a current copy of your resume to with the type of role you are interested in volunteering for in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!  Read More →

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Christian Life


By Jane Thornton – My sister is disgusting. I’ve told her this fact numerous times—in the most loving, Christ-like manner possible. Allow me to enumerate: As a gifted artist,... 

Fuel-Up with Foods as God Made Them

By Laurette Willis – How processed or close-to-nature are the foods you regularly eat? Quick quiz: Which meal would you say is closest to its natural state? a. Fresh fruit cup;... 

Is There a Ravenous Monster Living Inside of You?

By Julie Morris – Some of us feel like we have a Ravenous Monster living inside of our stomachs. He growls angrily when he is hungry, and when we feed him the comfort foods he... 

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The Proverbs 31…Man?

By Kathi Woodall – Many of us are acquainted with the Proverbs 31 Woman. Not to get into name-calling, but sometimes she goes by Noble, and some people call her Virtuous. I prefer... 

“Battle with the Birds”

By Dianne E. Butts – A family of birds is trying to build a nest underneath our second-story deck. We’ve had nests built there before. We wouldn’t mind it so much if the... 

Rover Knows Best

By Candace McQuain – Take a lesson from a dog. Yes, a dog. For anyone who has ever owned one, you know exactly what I mean. Dogs love their owners unconditionally. Dogs love their... 

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By Jarrod Spencer – Some words and phrases are spoken in a way that makes the receiver feel insignificant or dumb. This is rude, and is especially true when a younger person is... 

Son Bleached

By Cheri Cowell – I was amazed the other day to discover young girls still use lemon juice in their hair during the summer. My teen girlfriends and I put lemon juice in our hair... 

Hairy Situations

By Elaine James – “She was flicking her hair in my face and it bothered me, so I cut it.” This was my five-year-old son’s logical, nonchalant response when asked why he... 

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Book Review: The Master’s Wall Book Review: The Master’s Wall

Written by Sandi Rog Reviewed by Nora St Laurent Back Cover: HE FIGHTS FOR HIS FREEDOM. SHE FIGHTS FOR HER LIFE. TOGETHER, THEY FIGHT FOR EACH OTHER. After watching Roman soldiers drag... 

Book Review: Never Without Hope Book Review: Never Without Hope

Written by Michelle Sutton Reviewed by Nike Chillemi – There’s something about Michelle Sutton’s Never Without Hope that kept me turning pages. Maybe it was because the author... 

Book Review: Christmas at Harrington’s Book Review: Christmas at Harrington’s

Written by Melody Carlson Reviewed by Nora St Laurent – Back Cover: Christmas is approaching, and Lena Markham finds herself penniless, friendless and nearly hopeless. She is... 

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Daily Devotions

Laboring for the Prize

By Carin LeRoy – I dread going to a dentist. There isn’t much in life that gives me more stress. Recently, I spent the morning in the dentist chair. When the doctor arrived to see me, the first thing I see is a needle aimed at my mouth. Closing my eyes, I mentally braced myself as several shots of Novocain were injected into my gums. Soon, I hardly... [Read more of this review]

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