By the Grace of God

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By Margie Eberline 
I believe that Grace and forgiveness are precious gifts from God. I know that when I make a mistake that I can repent and God will freely forgive me. In fact, I believe that God foreknew every sin I would commit before He made me and has already forgiven the mistakes I have and will make in the days to come. I believe this is true by my faith in the power of the death of His Son on the cross. (John 3:16) Does this sound a bit too good to be true? 

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The Stay at Home Judas

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By Christina Puntigam 
As a stay at home mom I often fall into the frame of mind that there should be more to do.  Things like volunteering at the soup kitchen or making baby blankets for the pregnancy center.   Recently, while reading my morning devotional it struck me, “Why am I more concerned about serving those that are homeless than those that are in my home?”  

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Encouraging Words from a Friend

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By Marie Wactor 
Why do you serve God or even go to church? What is the motivation behind everything that you do? Would it surprise you to know that Jesus does not care about how many things you have done for Him? All of the prayers, church involvement, and time spent volunteering for ministries mean nothing if they are done for the wrong reasons. 

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Facing Change is Never Easy

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By Jennifer Kearson 
Last year, I had the opportunity to go with a single’s church group for dinner. Everyone seemed high spirited as we all went back to my friend’s house for dessert.
While at his house, Dick began giving his speech about a wonderful lady he has gotten to know. Then suddenly, as witnesses before friends and God, Dick proposed to Beth.

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Silent Scream for a Savior

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By Pam Kumpe

My scream for a Savior was silent to those around me, but not to me. It was all I could hear, the sound echoed between my ears. "Yes. Yes. I love Jesus." If only I could say them aloud.

I lived inside a private world, a place where I listened, but rarely reacted. I wanted to run down the aisle of the church to where the pastor stood, so I could just say yes, to his plea; I told my feet to move, but nothing happened.

My heart pounded inside my chest, the tug was strong, and yet my feet felt glued to the sanctuary floor.

I heard the preacher’s message of how much Jesus loved me, and I believed this Jesus could restore my smile and give me hope. At nine years old, stepping out of my silent world scared me, but the preacher told me Jesus could be my friend.

I longed to travel to his world through the pages of the Bible. Jesus could be a person to talk to and trust with my life and he was real, not imaginary.

The moment slipped by as the pastor spoke his final amen, people streamed from their seats and headed outside. Church was over, and I had missed my chance to meet Jesus.
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