Out of the Ashes

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By LaWanda Bailey  

As I stood ankle-deep in the ashes of the old homeplace, echoes of the creaking porch swing hung in my memory.  I recalled lazy childhood summers there on my grandparents' farm. My sister and I, barefoot and dusty, had swung in that swing as we shelled peas and listened to tales spun by family and friends. Much to our delight, an occasional farmer would stop by the porch and hand our grandfather a quarter. We watched as Granddad pulled out his barber equipment, and we giggled as he buzzed away. By the time the victim got his two bits' worth, he looked like a Chinese crested dog, a tuft of hair floating high above his ears.
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The Silver Bullet

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By Marty Norman  

“You are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light
to everyone in the house.”  Matthew 5:14-15

When I was a child the Lone Ranger was a really big deal. Every Saturday we went to the Ridglea Theatre to see what new crime the Lone Ranger would thwart next. To my generation he was the equivalent of today’s Spiderman. Eventually he became a TV icon, and we were fans for life. Even today my heart beats a little faster when I hear the symphony play his theme song, the cavalry charge from the William Tell Overture. When I hear the words, “Hi-ho Silver, away,” I am transported back to the days of yesteryear, to another time and place.
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Mother of the Groom

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By Ruth Bomar  

I held her bridal photo. I saw her flawless make-up, her sweeping up-do and her white gown. Does she know? Does she understand?  It was I who introduced him to life.
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By Jane Thornton  

As I strolled around my classroom recently, talking about the significance of the themes in Lord of the Flies, I noticed a disturbingly frequent occurrence. Mark, the occupant of the last seat in the row, had scooted his desk back a few feet so that he could prop his head against the wall. His eyes were firmly shut.
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Single Does Not Mean Lonely

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By Jacque Dodson 

“Find your perfect partner.” 

“Magnify your assets for a future mate.” 

These slogans lure many singles into the on-line dating scene.  Speed dating and hiring matchmakers are some additional ideas offered for filling in the empty hours and alone times of singleness.
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