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It’s been a frustrating day. My job revolves around being on the Internet. Today however, the internet service in my small town has been down almost all day. It’s disrupted my routine, irritated me and caused me to get behind on some of my assigned work. At first I was concerned that maybe my connection was interrupted because of a loose wire, but after checking to be sure everything was hooked up properly and making a quick call to my internet provider, I was informed the problem was on their end.

I’m sure you’ve had a similar experience. Whether it’s the internet, the electricity or a broken appliance, when the power is down, it’s inconvenient. Thankfully we never have to worry about power outages with God. His ever present presence is standing nearby 24/7. Our wires never get crossed and the power source is always properly connected.

These thoughts certainly make me wonder why I have such a hard time staying connected to my spiritual power source. I can’t remember the last time I panicked because I didn’t have my quiet time with the Lord. Yet, seriously this should be my state of mind when I understand the tremendous power-filled life God wants me to have. I can’t remember the last time God gave me the run-around because His services were down. He is the most dependable provider I will ever need. Unfortunately, I rarely maximize His dependable services.

So the next time I get mad at my internet provider because of a bad connection, lack of power or because my service is down, I can be reminded of the eternal, dependable, unchanging power of God. Thankfully it’s readily available to all who subscribe to His name. 

PRAYER: All powerful God, thank You for Your dependable character. Thank You for Your faithfulness during the storms in life. During the times I feel powerless, Your power sustains me. Thank you!

“I am the Lord, I do not change,” Malachi 3:6 NET.

Today’s devotion is by Gina Stinson, wife to Bruce, mom to Savannah and Tucker, co-founder of The Mission in Gunter, TX, and publicist assistant for Kathy Carlton Willis Communications.

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