Daisy Chain

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Written by Mary E Demuth

Reviewed by J Renee Archer

Zondervan, 2009

ISBN: 978-0-310-27836-8

Mary Demuth’s Daisy Chain, is the tender coming-of-age story of a hurting boy set in the late 70s. Jed is at the point in his adolescence when questions and confusion out number answers and clarity. When Daisy disappears, 14-year old Jed is left without his best friend. Not only is Daisy missing but, Jed blames himself. As Jed searches for answers regarding Daisy’s disappearance he discovers what it means to be a man and the value of trusted friends and family.

Daisy Chain was my first encounter with Demuth’s writing, and a pleasant one for sure. She creates dramatic descriptions that leave me in awe of her talent. Demuth takes mundane thoughts and conversations and adds the sparkle that makes for entertaining reading. This novel is full of peculiar tidbits. Here are a couple of my favorites: “…Jed scatted the air with a wave of his hand…an aerial Etch A Sketch.” and a few pages later Miss Emory says, “…you’re sticking to me like Elmer’s until I find out.”

Demuth does a tremendous job introducing us to Daisy and developing her personality even though Daisy soon becomes a secondary character. Throughout the book enough details and descriptions are given of Daisy to understand why Jed misses her greatly. I only wish Daisy was a prominent character for more of the book so the reader could enjoy her flamboyant and vibrant personality.

My only nitpick; Demuth left me hanging with the last word. The last page does not give up the answers to my questions, no matter how long I stare. Although, this is a sure way to persuade me to read the sequel. A Slow Burn, the second in the trilogy, is set for release in November of 2009.

A broad audience will enjoy Daisy Chain. Demuth’s writing style is such that young teens through older adults will enjoy the novel. For those who face struggles beyond their years, you will connect with Jed and his attempt to make peace with his world. For those who lost someone dear at a young age, you will understand Jed’s sorrow and guilt. For those who have ever questioned God, you will relate to Jed’s doubt and distrust.

Where Do Those Angels Come From?

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By Janet Perez Eckles

Crazy, isn’t it? When life goes undisturbed, we stroll through the garden of prosperity and bask in the sunshine of success. Our feet sink in the green grass of hope while inhaling the sweet scent of anticipation for more good things to come.

But suddenly, a loud clap of thunder halts our steps. And a storm of adversity shakes our world. We wonder what happened. What went wrong? Where had we failed? How did we allow the rain of misfortune to pour on us?

But in the midst of our bewilderment, something totally strange, bizarre, actually, happens—an angel appears. Unannounced, often unseen, but definitely felt, angels show up in mighty and sometimes simple ways.

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Written by Ted Dekker

Reviewed by Nike Chillemi

Where have I been? I can’t believe this is the first Ted Dekker book I’ve read. It certainly won’t be the last.

This supernatural horror story doesn’t read like a Christian novel. Sure, it explores themes of good and evil by following the life story of a demon-possessed serial killer. However, with protagonist, FBI profiler Daniel Clark, an avowed atheist it doesn’t get preachy. This book could sit on the shelves in the Christian section or in the mystery/thriller section of any major bookstore.

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A Box of Chocolate & A Bubble Bath

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By Jodi Whisenhunt

This fall, my oldest child, Kyle, started 9th grade. As a homeschooler, I’m a bit anxious about it. Ok, I’m a lot anxious about it! “Everything should be done in a fitting and orderly way,” according to 1 Corinthians 14:40 (NIV). Paul’s referring to regulations for speaking in tongues. (By the look on my kids’ faces, sometimes they think I’m doing just that!) However, it’s also good advice for teaching. Problem is, I struggle to do anything in a fitting and orderly way. Recently, I carried a basket of clean laundry down the hall where I found something that belonged in my bedroom. I set the basket down and carried the item to my room where, after catching my reflection in the mirror, I stopped to brush my hair. My daughter came in, so I brushed her hair too. She was still in jammies, so I led her back to her room to change. Only when I took her dirty clothes to the laundry did I remember my original chore.

I admit I’ve been a bit lax with our homeschool structure in recent years. Lax is an understatement. Let me try unorganized, panicked, disappointed, unstructured, befuddled. Like the laundry incident, distractions during class time often divert our attention. Some have become bad habits, like how, being the teenage boy that he is, Kyle must eat every ten minutes.

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Redeeming Love

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Written by Francine Rivers

Reviewed by J Renee Archer

“Simply put, Redeeming Love is the most powerful work of fiction you will ever read” —Liz Curtis Higgs

“Francine Rivers is one of the most riveting novelists I’ve ever read.” —Patsy Clairmont

These comments by fellow authors state it best. There is no better description of Rivers or her book Redeeming Love. I don’t often agree so wholeheartedly with those who endorse a book, but Rivers is deserving of the accolades she receives for all her books.

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