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By John T. McNeal   

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to get the smallest glimpse of God?  Throughout history there have been people that have had “God Sightings”.  These “God sightings” have inspired many courageous people to do great feet’s even if it cost them personal gains.

Noah's glimpse of God was in a dream or vision.  Throughout the years of reticule from his fellow kinsman, his glimpse granted him passage on the only boat to save humanity.  In Daniel 3, we find Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego got their glimpse while in the fiery furnace.  In Exodus 33:21 -23, Moses got a personal glimpse of God’s back.  The glimpse of each of these men changed their lives forever, which made a profound mark on others that followed in history.  The Blind man got a glimpse of God when Jesus healed his eyes.  Ten men that were stricken with leprosy had a glimpse of God when He healed them.  But only one man chose to return to totally look upon the face of righteousness.  The disciples got more than a glimpse of God.  They got to walk with him and talk with him, one even laid his head upon God’s chest and listened to His heart beat.  There was one person in the Bible that had more than a glimpse of God.  She watched him and marveled at his obedience.  She wiped the tears from his eyes when he fell, and made sure that he was well cared for before he took up his father’s profession.  I believe that Mary got the best glimpse of God of anyone in the world.

A couple of weeks ago, I got a glimpse of God that can only come from a parental perspective when I took my son fishing at a “Kids Fishing Rodeo”.  Now this was the fourth time that he had been fishing, and up until this point they had been catch, hug, and release type trips.  Yes, I know that fish are not the best huggers.  Josiah tends to put his hand on small animals, too small to hug, and make his special hugging noise.  Because of his tender heart, I had to explain to him that the fish that we were going to catch was a special fish.  I told him that we were fishing for trout.  So he hugged them before they went into the cooler.

As I was doing my best to teach a 3 1/2 year old how to fish for trout, I tried tuning out everyone that was around except my son.  Staying focused on his fish success, so he would learn and enjoy fishing.  I was casting the bait out, and then we shared holding the rod.  He wanted to use my fishing rod, which worked out great; Josiah held the base of the pole and the reel, while I held the area just above the reel and the string itself.  This allowed me to steady the rod and feel the pull of the fish.  We were a great team, there was five trout caught in all. 

The next day, while reflecting on the great time my son and I had together is when I got a glimpse of God.  I was reminded that God is a parent to the entire human race.  While he can give us fish to eat, it would be best to teach us to fish.  That through encouragement, instruction, illustrations, and sometime discipline God still wants us to follow him.  I am finding that as I do these four things to Josiah so he will grow up to be a respectable Christian man.  I find that God is trying to do the same to me through his word, other people and circumstances.  

I know it will take a while before Josiah really gets the hang of fishing.  Of course that is the way it will be with any activity that we do together.  Therefore, I guess if God is going to be patient with teaching me stuff, I will need to be patient with Josiah.  Have you thought about what God is trying to teach you today? 

Have you ever had a God sighting or a glimpse of God?  Let me know at 

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