The Love of God

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By Brenda Jackson 

To what can you compare the love of God?  Should we dare to compare it to the love of our life?  Or even with the love a mother has for her child?  We dare not!  God’s love holds no bars to any love that anyone has experienced. 

“Agape” is God’s unconditional love, the real kind of love! As his children, we can experience His love, which goes beyond comprehension, beyond the scope of the human mind. Understanding and receiving God’s love will set you free, while showing you how to love yourself!

I am reminded of how God taught his love to me.  He showed me how to receive it unconditionally, while learning to love everyone, even those we label unlovable.  It was not by any new formula that God showed me how to love.  He revealed it though his Word.   I began this journey by meditating on the Word that promised us his Love.  By meditating daily on (I John 4:7-21), it became a reality on the inside. When it became revelation knowledge to my spirit, it was like a light bulb turned on in a dark room, I finally understood what it meant to love!  I Corinthians 13 is a perfect example of how to love and what love is regardless of what we have or haven’t done.

Having the revelation of God’s love changes how you see yourself and how you relate to others.  Even if you have suffered a great wrong, (I Cor 13:5, NIV) at the hands of a family member, God’s grace is sufficient to see you through the hurt.

Whenever I have had to go through one of God’s ‘life lessons’, I realized that they always came in pairs. The first life lesson occurred when God told me that I hid a deep well of hurt, pain and unforgiveness in my heart. Only God can know what is in the depths of anyone’s heart!  As a 15 year old, I was raped by my stepfather and God wanted to reveal to me that at 43 years old I still held onto the hurt and pain. Forgiveness was not even considered because as a child I thought this violation too awful and did not warrant the act of forgiveness.

God had to show me that I shouldn’t look at the weight of someone’s sins in order to forgive and love that person. Once they repent and ask God into their heart, they have rights to enter into God’s kingdom.  God deals with everyone in different ways.  If Hitler or Charles Manson’s last breath was to repent and ask God for forgiveness, God would still accept them.  As bizarre as this sounds, it was an eye-opener and showed that they too had the right to salvation and forgiveness.  A great act of evil doesn’t negate the need for forgiveness or make anyone unlovable.

To love someone that has wronged you is an act of faith and it takes God’s supernatural ability, otherwise we are nothing but a noisy gong and unprofitable without love (I Cor 13:1; John 13:34).  By not forgiving someone you hold yourself in bondage to them.  Nevertheless God’s love cast out all fear.  So in order to know the full power of God’s love we have to acknowledge that love springs from God and without love we will never come to a full understanding of his love.

The changes in my life came through the power of God’s love and I invite you to experience real love! 

Heavenly Father, I come to you in the name of Jesus. Help me Lord to let go of all bitterness, resentment and un-forgiveness.  You are the one who binds up and heals the broken hearted.  I choose to forgive those that have wronged or hurt me.  I ask your forgiveness for those I have wronged or hurt, so that I may be freely forgiven. By faith I receive your anointing that breaks and destroys every yoke of bondage.  I receive your healing by faith according to your word.  Amen

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