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By Keisha Bass 

Thirty-four years old, never married, no children.  Does God really have a plan?  His Word says that man is not meant to be alone.  Doesn’t that mean I was meant for some man?  I cannot tell you how many times I have had this conversation with myself.  No, I’m not crazy, just lonesome sometimes.  But however lonely I am, or think I am, that is no reason to rush into something that will leave me with a broken heart.  I have been saved from potential heartache many times over.  Each time I think it’s a good idea to settle for a man I am not equally yoked with, I am reminded God does have a good plan for my life.  Although the temptation to compromise my values to satisfy my flesh is there, I do not need to act on my feelings because that can lead to issues later.

I may think I know what’s best, but questioning the how, when, and where doesn’t do me any good.  It sets me up for just the opposite.  I gain unnecessary stress and worry.  And more times than not, I am let down and feeling more lost than before.  God knows all and I only need to know and trust Him and His timing.

My past relationships have consisted of jumping in, eyes closed, fingers crossed, and a hope that things would work out.  When after it was all over, which many times was a trial in itself, I was left with trust issues, low self-esteem, financial debt, and the list could go on and on.

I sincerely believe God brings us through trials to make us stronger on the other side of them.  We learn lessons and find out what it really means to lean on God.  James 5:8 says, “You too be patient and stand firm” (NIV).  We need to stand firm in our beliefs and patiently wait on God to bring those things we long for into our lives — especially a man that we hope to spend the rest of our lives with.  That relationship will be so much better than anything we could imagine because that’s the kind of God we serve.  A great God Whose plans are greater than our own.

This could be applied to any area of my life: that perfect job I hope for, that house I want to buy, my dream I wish to reach.  I must use wisdom and not make decisions based on feelings.  Pray about everything and believe that it will come to pass because I serve and love the God Who wants me to have every desire of my heart.

James 5:11 says, “Those who have persevered are considered blessed” (NIV).  Being blessed is an awesome position to be in.  Persevere means to keep at it, carry on, or stick with it.  While wisdom means having understanding, insight, and good judgment; and patience is having endurance, serenity, and a lack of complaining.

So let me leave you with this final thought: you gain insight and show good judgment when you carry on with endurance and without complaints.  Let that be you and you will be blessed for waiting on God to do His thing.  And when Mr. Right does arrive in your life, it will be God Who showed him the way.

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