Obedience Is Not an Option

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By Norma Vera 

If we do not learn to obey as a child, we will more than likely, grow up with a rebellious and disobedient spirit. Obedience does not come natural for most of us – it is a trained skill. It develops with time, discipline and correction.

The Bible says that obedience is better than sacrifice. In fact, obedience is the most important part in our Christian walk. To listen and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit can be a matter of life or death. Parents who love their children teach them obedience for the very same reason.

I went to New York City with a ministry many years ago. On the basement of the hotel where we were staying was a free clinic. One morning I was passing through the lobby of that clinic, and I saw many people waiting for the doors to open.  Among them was a young man crying at the top of his lungs. His anguish was so great he covered his face with both hands and dared not look at anyone. 

My friend was on her knees asking. “Are you okay, can I help you?” He wailed, “No one can help me, no one!” The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and said, “This young man is twenty one years old. He has Aids and has less than six months to live, and you have one split second to tell him about me!” Without thinking I knelt beside him and put my cheek against his tear stained face and Whispered in his ear. “I can help you.” “No one can help me!” cried the despondent young man “I can,” I said, “His name is Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God! He is your answer.” The young man stopped crying. He slowly removed his hands from his face and stared at me with a serene look. No sooner had he and I made eye contact, then a nurse came and told me. “Leave him alone!”  She quickly snatched him away and that was the last I saw him.

Sometimes all we have is a split second to obey or make a wise choice. Obedience is not an option in God’s kingdom but a command – especially in these urgent times. The hour is crucial and lives are hanging in the balance.

The safest place in the world has always been in the center of God’s will. That is truer today than ever.  We remain in that place of safety through obedience. God has a strategic plan for our lives, and it is of great importance that we are at the right place, at the right time when it comes to doing God’s will. We may say I know that we must be lead of the Holy Spirit, but how can we be sure it’s His voice we are hearing?

Someone once told me. It is better to miss the Lord on the side of obedience than the side of disobedience.  We learn to discern the voice of the Spirit, through trial and error. If we miss Him, we learned anyway. God does not expect us to be perfect, only willing to obey. Once I felt compelled, to tell a perfect stranger the story called, “The picture of Jesus,” She just stared at me. I felt like a fool. I tried to stop talking, but try as I may, I could not put my mouth in park. I just went on and on until I finished. When I finished I was shocked to see the young mother go to pieces. She wept a while and then said, “You just described what I am going through with my daughter.  She has been a good and honest girl all her life. She never gave me any trouble.  Two days ago, I got a called from her teacher. She had been playing hooky from school. I was so disappointed. I did not know what to do.”

I had no idea what this young mom was going through, but the Holy Spirit knew all the time. That is why we obey. We don’t know what is happening in the spiritual realm, but God does. We have to trust His wisdom and obey. In the very same way Children trust their parents.


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