What Manner of Woman are you?

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By Brenda Jackson 

Manner – means a habit, custom; to be accustomed to doing something; a way of life; or manner of life!  What is your Manner of life?  What is your Manner of thought?  Are you made up of God’s love, power and his word?  Has your Manner been customized by God?

Did you know that you are God’s custom made woman and He has built holiness inside of you?  His DNA has been perfectly stored in you; you have love courage, favor, ability, strength, and determination in you.  Don’t focus on your weaknesses but get a bigger vision for your life, the life He has customized for you to live with consistency and complete full of God’s blessings, nothing missing nothing broken.  God’s love & power is part of His perfect design that can be found in our very foundation to the very core of our cells.  He expects for us to cultivate and grow in his love so that his power can manifest in our lives.  You should want to be so customized by God that his power will release the anointing in your life, therefore making a mark in those around you!

God has set divine order in how things are to flow in your life.  We must have our love walk in order.  Love, we must walk in love if we are going to be that manner of woman.  Love is a commandment that encompasses all the other commandments Love is what connects you to God’s power.  The way you treat others is evidence of your love walk.  When we love another no matter what, it’s this love that will identify us to the world that we are Christ’s own!  Every time you mistreat someone you are breaking this commandment.  God’s love for us can restore the whole person, so if someone has hurt you, God’s law of love can restore you.  By forgiving them as an act of faith and praying for them shows your maturity in the things of God.  This will allow the power of God to flow through you.  If God’s love is flowing through us then we are doing what God says and speaking his word as a way of life. 

Having God’s DNA indwelling on the inside of you means the Holy Spirit lives in you which gives us the ability to be guided, instructed and counseled in the ways of God.
If your love walk is not greater than all human understanding you are still listening to your self centered desires of bitterness, resentment, and pride.  If we are walking in love all the other components of the fruit of the spirit will be an increasing character in your life!

Getting a revelation of the love of God will release the anointing of might in your life.  Might is superior power or strength which comes from the Holy Spirit.  To tap into the Spirit of might, you must be rooted and grounded in God’s kind of love to do so we allow God to work through you, in you.  Your ability to possess God’s kind of love will determine how much power is flowing through you, if you want power that tells the world “God is real”, then put on more love, by sowing love when dealing with difficult people and when an opportunity comes to react in our old sinful ways you choose God’s way and watch His power flow out of you.

We must see things in the vertical view, by keeping our eyes on Him and not what we see.  We must work to see things as God sees it through his holy perfect Word, God is able to show you the immeasurable things he has planned for you as a woman of Manner.  God has placed people in your life to inspire you and motivate you to achieve that Manner of victory! 

The woman of God that daily meditates on the word walks in love gives way for power and might to customize them into His own image is a blessed woman!
Be God’s Manner of woman, be a customized reflection of Him!

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One Response to “What Manner of Woman are you?”
  1. Excellent article. Timely for me. It reminds me that I do have to pray for a difficult person who’s come into my life. Also luv the concept of “might” as the power that comes from God, as opposed to the world’s idea of personal power. A very biblical way of looking at it.

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