An Invitation to Intimacy

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To be invited to the home of a friend for a meal is always an honor. There is something about sharing a meal while talking about the happenings in life and enjoying the fellowship.

Remember playing outdoors as a child and suddenly hearing the sound of Mom’s voice as it echoed across the yard, “Come to dinner!” Hungry and ready for family, food and good conversation, you raced to be first at the table!

Jesus used very similar words when He revealed Himself to some of the disciples after His resurrection. The disciples were struggling to catch fish. Tired and frustrated—yet no results.

The disciples heard the voice of Jesus cascade across the waves. He called them “friends.” Soon the favorite disciple of Jesus recognized His voice and said, “It’s the Lord.”

As the disciples came onto the shore, Jesus was already preparing a meal for His hungry friends and called to them—“Come and eat.” And, eat they did! They ate to gratify their physical hunger and when finished they received spiritual food uniquely administered by Jesus Himself.

What do you do when Jesus invites you into intimate fellowship with Him? When that small voice says, “Come and eat” that is Christ’s invitation to commune with Him, to allow Him to love on you. As two lovers seek to have time alone, time to get to know one another, Christ is passionate about loving us, protecting and defending us. Sadly, we are often too busy to be still and receive His love and the wisdom He would gladly give, if only we would…come and eat!

Perhaps you talk to the Lord while driving, taking a shower, preparing meals—all day long. Certainly, this is good and shows an interest in the lover of your soul but He wants more! He wants your participation in a relationship that requires letting go of earthly activity and embracing holy silence. Be still, be still, be still…rid of distractions that rob and cheat. Try making a date with Jesus and seek a quiet place where you can be alone with Him. Be still and allow Him to satisfy the hunger and thirst of your soul. That’s what happens when you dine with the One Who is pursuing an intimate relationship with YOU!

PRAYER: Dear Lord, Thank You that you care enough to continue to pursue a relationship with me. Help me to receive with a glad heart the invitation to come to the table that You have prepared for me. I love you, Lord!

“Jesus saith unto them, Come and dine. And none of the disciples durst ask him, Who art thou? knowing that it was the Lord,” John 21:12 KJV.

Today’s devotion is by Nancy Anderson, a pastoral care/trauma resolution counselor in the Atlanta area. She is founder and Executive Director of LifeSong Ministries, Inc. and booking agent for Kathy Carlton Willis Communications. She previously served as a women's minister and president of the Southern Crescent Women's Ministry Forum. Learn more at:

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