Facing Obstacles

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By Jennifer Kearson  

Recently, when I was talking to a few friends, we began to discuss crazy things that get in our way of success. For example, negative people, unrealistic goals, money, time, fear and many others. Actually, I was the one who had mentioned negative people.


I know this can be a touchy subject, but have you ever wanted to follow your dreams only to find someone telling you, “No.” Or you hear words like, “I can’t see you doing that.” Here’s another: “Only a few people actually have that talent.” Now I must say it’s hard to follow tough dreams, but if one doesn’t try, one will never know. Sometimes you have to do what’s in your heart and go for it regardless of what others say. Unfortunately, if you rely on their goals and not yours, you may end up a very unhappy person wondering what it would have been like if you had just taken the risk.

Another obstacle many people face is money. I know a lot of people who want to change jobs or go to college, and it definitely takes money. Many end up getting a loan only to pay it back for a long time. The last thing anyone wants to do is end up in more debt. Some people opt for living with others to help pay the cost of living expenses while trying to go to school. That can work for many if they have someone to help them. Also, many careers require you to continue school by being involved full time. With this in mind, quitting your job causes you to not only make any money, you also don’t have any insurance. However, there are ways around these obstacles, and many have to find which way will help support them the most. I know I wanted to be a school psychologist for the longest time, so I chose to live with my parents a little longer than the norm would just so I could collect the money needed for the career. Even though I might not be going back to school to be a school psychologist after all, I am still going back to continue my career path in education. In a nutshell, I still can use the money for something that will help better the person I am today.

There are many obstacles people are facing today. If you find yourself to be stuck, pray and go to a friend who will be open and honest with you. Many churches this day and time have the resources to help in areas like jobs, finances, divorce and child care. Let’s face the facts that obstacles will always be with us, but we can fight these obstacles with the correct guidance, will and support.


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