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By Pam Kumpe  
Have you ever heard the joke about the man who drowned and arrived in Heaven and complained about how God never answered his prayer?

The East Texas version goes like this.

It was flooding in East Texas and the floodwaters were rising. Bubba stood on his porch and a neighbor in a row boat came by. The man in the boat told Bubba to get into his row boat and he would save him.

Bubba said no. He told the man, that he had faith in God, so he would wait for God to save him. No need for the boat. The man in the rowboat disappeared, and left Bubba behind.
Bubba was forced to climb the stairs of his house to the second floor because the waters were rising. He stood near a widow looking out, into a lake of water.

A man in a bass boat came by this time. He instructed Bubba to climb aboard because he had come to rescue him.

Again, Bubba said his faith in God would be enough, because he knew God would save him.

So, he sent the man in the boat on his way.

The floodwaters kept rising and soon Bubba climbed up to the roof. A few minutes later, a helicopter came by, someone lowered a rope, and the pilot shouted down at Bubba.
“Grab the rope and climb up.”

Bubba told the pilot, “It’s okay. I have faith in God. I am waiting for God to rescue me.”

The floodwaters kept rising and the man on the house drowned. So when Bubba got to heaven, he asked God what went wrong, saying he had trusted God to rescue him.

With a sigh, God told Bubba, “What more did you want from me? I sent you two boats and a helicopter.”

I am guilty of thinking like the man who drowned. I sit on the porch. I climb the stairs. I wait for God to answer my prayers, only to miss the people sent to rescue me.

I’m not saying God couldn’t work a miracle to save me from a flood. We know He saved Noah and his family from dying in floodwaters, our God is in the miracle business.

In Isaiah 41:13 it says, “For I am the Lord your God, who upholds your right hand, who says to you, do not fear, I will help you.”

Yes, I should look to God and trust him, but always keep watch, because sometimes God will send a boat or a helicopter, and I must be ready.

If for some reason, you feel like the guy stuck on a roof, and you know you are praying for answers, take heart. Let the words of this Dallas Holm song encourage you.

“The eyes of God are upon me, He sees everything I do. The arms of God are around me, They keep me safe and secure.
And He knows where I am, Every hour of every day, He knows each thought I think, He knows each word that I might say.

And although there've been times, I've been out of His will, I've never been out of His care.”

The arms of God are reaching out for us and we’re never out of his care. He knows where we are — every hour of every day. And He knows when we are stuck on the rooftop ignoring the rope dangling in front of our face too.

So please, do keep watch, you don’t want to miss God’s lifeline to safety, now do you? Besides, aren’t we smarter than Bubba? Somebody, please say yes!
Pam Kumpe is a podcast host, inspirational newspaper columnist, and Kids Super Church teacher. She’s your pray & play friend in East Texas.


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