The Freedom To Hear The Good News

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By Jennifer Kearson   

While channel surfing the television set on a rainy Saturday morning, I stumbled upon a cartoon that was already in progress with this small female ant getting trapped inside a large powder compact by the evil male bee. As I was getting ready to switch the channel, I heard and saw this lady begin praying to God. Naturally, the word, God caught my eye. I couldn’t believe what I heard. I thought to myself, well it’s about time the regular cartoons show some type of respect. The plot continued to thicken by showing the beautiful queen, who was given the gift to help her fellow people overcome this evil destroyer just like the ant and the bee. Then it hit me. This cartoon wasn’t any ordinary one, this cartoon was about Queen Esther! I should have realized the numbers at the bottom left-hand corner meant something.

It’s fascinating to hear her story being shared for others even if it was only on a Christian network. When I was growing up, there wasn’t much to see next to reading the Bible and singing a few songs.  Now we may not be allowed to see the story of Esther on regular stations; however, we are able to learn more about her even if it is created in a cartoon version. And yes, Veggie-Tales does an excellent version too.

Most importantly, we are thankful to live in a country where we are allowed to support and worship our religion. Without these types of cartoons, songs or scriptures, we wouldn’t be able to hear the good news. Many of us discover our faith in many ways whether it’s through community Bible groups, personal friends, songs, movies, literature or a profound experience. As long as we have our freedom for religion, we need to use our discipleship and spread the good news. As far as what happened to the bee and the innocent ant that was trapped? With the help of the Holy Spirit, the ant was able to get out and stand her guard and face the evil bee by telling the truth to the others that he wanted to kill her people. Without her courage and good deed just like Queen Esther’s, many could have died. However, Esther had the Holy Spirit on her side.


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