Who Comes First In Your Order?

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By Jennifer Kearson   

Let’s see, I would like some chocolate ice cream with sprinkles on top, and I would like to see the latest movie and purchase those new jeans I’ve been eyeing. After that, I’ll start all over and buy some new shoes with the latest hand bag and eat out at some fancy restaurant before the day ends. Now that the weekend is over, I can look back and notice that only “I” have been in the picture. Sure it’s nice to buy new items and enjoy, but will they make you happy forever?

The other day I found myself looking over some scripture that said the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul and mind. The second is to love thy neighbor. For many, this commandment shouldn’t seem difficult. The problem with the commandment is we sometimes forget who should come first, next and last. As painful as it may seem, you are last. You know who is first, yes, God. In order for us to live a happy and productive life, we must love and respect God first. It is very difficult to show love toward others or even ourselves if we don’t learn to love God first.

Once we allow God into our life, we must show our love toward others. We need to make sure everyone in our life is doing okay and offering help to those who need it whether we know them or not.  Last, we can think about ourselves. I recently looked at my checkbook and many of the checks were written for me. Of course once a month I give to the church, but I really should be giving things to other people and stop thinking of myself. Sometimes I find my order to be self, God and others. Other days I find my order to be God, self and others. It still takes practice, but with prayer and time, I hope to correct the order and have God first, others second, and self last.

I know for some, it’s easy to want to spoil yourself, but try not to do it all of the time if you tend to do this. If not, help others to correct the order. Start today by greeting God first and helping others. If you have time left, then give yourself a break.


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