The Stay at Home Judas

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By Christina Puntigam 
As a stay at home mom I often fall into the frame of mind that there should be more to do.  Things like volunteering at the soup kitchen or making baby blankets for the pregnancy center.   Recently, while reading my morning devotional it struck me, “Why am I more concerned about serving those that are homeless than those that are in my home?”  

The ladies at church have been studying the stories of Martha and Mary.  The most recent story was about the anointing of Jesus’ feet by Mary in the book of John.  Judas wanted to know why the perfume wasn’t sold to give to the poor.  And that’s me, I’m Judas.  With all of these talents and gifts that God gave to me and I want to give them to the poor at the expense of my home. 

Jesus said that the poor would always be with us, but that he will only be with us a short while. And that is so true with our children.  They are only with us a very short while.  We should treat them as we would treat the savior, not too busy in the kitchen or with duties or committees.  God calls us to pour our love out for them and bless them while they are with us.   We never know how long people will be in our lives. 

Mary knew that her time with Jesus was short and so she gave Him everything she had to offer.  Her example helps me lay down the guilt I take on over doing and allows me to just be with God and with my family.

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