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By Marie Wactor 
Why do you serve God or even go to church? What is the motivation behind everything that you do? Would it surprise you to know that Jesus does not care about how many things you have done for Him? All of the prayers, church involvement, and time spent volunteering for ministries mean nothing if they are done for the wrong reasons. 

When I was a little girl and I heard the parable about the talents, I was both furious and very confused. How could burying the talents and not spending them be considered a “bad” thing? Why was the servant considered wicked? I used to think that God was cruel because of the way he was portrayed in the parable. That was because I read the story as if it was only about money but, that was not all the parable was talking about. Since my youth, I have learned that the talents are also your time and your gifts.

We live in a world that is constantly in motion. Water is moving, the wind is blowing, the earth is rotating, and even you are constantly breathing and your mind is working. God did not call us to dig a hole in the ground, “bury” ourselves and give up. But, in essence that is exactly what the servant did in the parable. He buried all that was given to him because of fear and ended up with nothing. Unfortunately, many of us are not that much different from that servant.

Each day is a gift and we can either do something with it or do nothing at all.  The same is true concerning our relationship with God.  There is no in-between about it. He does not want lukewarm people. He wants people that are passionate about Him. He wants people to not only be on fire for Him but to be a blazing inferno!  The fire is in all of us who call ourselves Christians.  And, if we encourage one another we can ignite the flame inside and keep it burning bright. Remember, we are called to sharpen each other as “iron sharpens iron.”

There will come a time when you are faced with a challenging situation.  You can either choose to fight or take flight. Which one will you choose?  I remember the movie Rocky III when Adrian challenges Rocky. She asks for the truth. What is your truth? Can you truly look yourself in the mirror and say that you are doing what Jesus called you to do? Remember when Adrian said to Rocky, “You can’t be afraid that someone is going to take things away. Before you know it you are not a man anymore….Don’t fight for the money, Mickey, or even me. Fight for yourself!” Don’t let fear stop you!  Trust in your God, the Creator of the Universe and then, step out and take the leap of faith!

Be Blessed and Prosper! 

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