Facing Change is Never Easy

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By Jennifer Kearson 
Last year, I had the opportunity to go with a single’s church group for dinner. Everyone seemed high spirited as we all went back to my friend’s house for dessert.
While at his house, Dick began giving his speech about a wonderful lady he has gotten to know. Then suddenly, as witnesses before friends and God, Dick proposed to Beth.

After the proposal, I couldn’t tell which shined the most, the ring or them. Throughout the evening, love filled the room as we shared in the joyful event marking the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of these two special people.

The wedding was planned for September and months went by with careful planning to make their day a memorable one.  Unfortunately, two weeks prior to the big day, Dick suffered a heart attack. While waiting for the ambulance, no one could breathe life into him because no one there knew CPR.

Luckily, Dick survived, but his life changed that day. Due to insufficient oxygen to the brain after the attack, his memory waned. Since then, it has been several months and nothing has changed. Everyone has prayed, called and visited, but everything is still the same. Sadly, Beth finally had to call off the wedding and begin a life without Dick.

Many times I wondered why a man so intelligent and inspirational to me had to lose so much so soon. As a Sunday school teacher, I thought his teaching of the Good News was incomplete; his Sunday school class still wanted to hear more. 

My minister once told me plan A is sometimes plan B. We don’t always know what the future holds, but we do know life with God is inevitable. I know facing change is never easy, but experiencing dark times without God is devastating. Beth may not be getting married like she planned, but she still holds onto a bond with God, for God breathed life in her, as well as, all of us.  

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