Instant Gratification

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By Elisa Sangiorgio 
We all live in an instantaneous world. We want instant gratification. We have microwaves, instant pudding, instant soups, we send out next day delivery, e- mails, INSTANT message, faxes, well, you get my point. We live in a high-paced society where everything has to be done right away. I am including myself in this too. 

For example, my family and I went out to eat for dinner one night, for my birthday, and the service was slow. We were all VERY hungry, so that didn't help. As we waited, we had a nice conversation, and we were able to relax. The service was slow because they were crowded, but we wanted our food. We're spoiled and, now I mean all of us, used to quick things, and if they don't happen right away, we get mad. Like we New Yorkers hate slow drivers. ha ha. I'm always telling people, as if they can hear me, "Pedal on the right!! The light's not going to get any greener! OH, gee, thanks for signaling. I forgot that it's STOP, TURN, THEN signal!" I believe that's why God's greatest lesson to teach us is patience. We live in a hectic world, yet God is the God of patience. He'll put us behind the slow drivers, give us slow service, and make us wait for Him to work out His plan for our lives.

He wants us to have a day of rest every week, to relax, spend time with Him, get away from the things of the world. He wants us to trust Him for our future. We want our futures to happen tomorrow, but God makes us wait weeks, months, even years. He is slowly, but surely teaching me this. I'm an impatient person, as many people are, and I want instant gratification. I want to send an e-mail out and get a reply in five minutes. Who cares if they didn't read my letter, reply to it!! LOL Ok, so I'm not that bad, but I am impatient. God is helping me realize this and to trust HIM, to WAIT on HIM. That HE will bring whatever it is to pass in HIS time, and I need to wait for that. Sure, I want certain things to happen but they haven't yet, and may never. I get frustrated with people for not doing anything about it, when it's really God who isn't doing it because it's just not His timing or will. If it doesn't happen, then He doesn't want it to happen.

God's Spirit will lead others to want to sing my music, or give me a job, etc. I don't need to do anything. It's when we least expect it, when God does it. God likes to surprise us.  I am also learning not to push people, and to be calm and let God work on their hearts. When people do things on their own, instead of doing it just to shut you up, it makes it more special, because they wanted to do it. I'm learning that too. I still have a lot more to learn, and many ways I need to grow, but I'm willing, and God's a patient teacher. Aren't you glad He's God? He is faithful, patient, and never gets angry or upset with us. He keeps on forgiving and forever loving us no matter what. If we are willing, He will teach. We will never stop learning either. I try and remember the story of Abraham. God promised him a son. He and Sarah took matters into their own hands, and instead of waiting on God, they created a whole generation of enemies. Had they just waited, God would have fulfilled His promise through Isaac, and they would have JUST had a generation that was blessed. Why rush God? Do you want an Ishmael or an Isaac?  There will be things I'll probably never know until I die, so for now I continue to be God's faithful, impatient student. 

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