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By Rachael Sales 
Is there anything more vital than the care and protection of our children? As a Christian, a wife, a mother of six, and an educator, my answer like yours, I’m sure, is an emphatic My God No! Like many of you, I believe that a society that does not invest in its youth divests from it’s future. But in spite of all of our great proclamations as good Americans, good Christians, our nightly headliners report a different story. 

Reports of child pornography, emotional abuse, and sexual assault flood our homes nightly and quite frankly, these images betray us. They reflect that those of us who believe in a better way are sitting by and often doing nothing. Sad but true. Convicting, but undeniable. I write to simply remind us that it’s up to all of us to put an end to the mistreatment of children in our country.
We all know it’s needed, but practically how can we as Christians take this by the helm? Well, it takes work body of Christ. It takes being parents that our children can rely on and confide in but, we must also be parents who are unafraid to guard our kids’ environments at all costs. This means that we must know the character of who’s watching our children when we’re not around. Can just anyone be trusted to baby sit on the weekends? What is the background and moral fiber of our children’s little league coaches, piano teachers, ballet instructors and sadly enough Sunday school teachers? Do we know exactly who will be present at their after-school study sessions and how often are they accompanying us in our daily ministry activities?

I encourage everyone to remember that our families are a vital part of our ministry. But it doesn’t stop there. If we will take such diligence for our own children, the next level is doing that for someone else’s child as if they were our own. We must have the courage to be the village that raises the child, and not cower down at the fear of another parent’s accusations that we have overstepped our boundaries. Isn’t the prevention of another child’s horror story on the six o’clock news worth a little offense from an adult? Child abuse stops when good people make courageous moves to nurture and protect their own and to love others as their own. Let’s make that choice today.

About the Author: Rachael Sales is a proud wife and mother of six. She and her husband are the Co-founders of Healing Waters Learning Institute, a school of excellence for Christ. She is also an Ear to the Streets reporter for BYOBB Television, in 30 million homes nationally and in 118 countries worldwide. To learn more about these organizations, visit www.healingwatersonline.org and www.byobb.tv.

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