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My walk with Christ and the events leading to my relationship with Christ have made for quite a journey. I was baptized in the Catholic Church as an infant but my parents stopped attending church when I was very little.  My only exposure was when I visited my grandparents. Even then it was more out of family duty and obligation than anything else. By the time I entered my high school and college years, I realized that religious ritual was empty.  I began seriously questioning my faith and whether or not I believed in the existence of a supreme being. I was not an atheist by any stretch but still skeptical nonetheless. 

A life-changing event the summer before my junior year in college would eventually radically change my belief system. My brother and I were injured in a collision with a tractor trailer and as a result my brother was paralyzed from the neck down. I was injured as well, though nowhere near as serious as my brother. My skepticism turned to anger and guilt, to the point where my indifference of belief turned into anger as well. The guilt of my brother's condition gripped me to the point that I wanted to just end my life to escape the pain. When I went back to school, I was consumed with suicidal thoughts. Yet at the same time, I started to pray to God "If you're really there, save me from this guilt that I'm mired in." I attended a Bible study and a student shared his testimony. I sat in the back and didn't converse with a soul yet, I identified with his testimony and I was moved to talk with him afterwards.  After he was finished speaking, I went up to him and shared my thoughts and struggles. I told him I had a lot of questions about Christianity and the Bible. Afterwards, he and the campus minister prayed with me and gave me an extra Bible that they had.  I agreed to take it home and read some verses. A month after considerable phone tag and a ton of questions about the scriptures, I got together with the campus minister again. It was during that meeting outside of the UGA Student Union that I accepted Christ into my life. And though there have been a few bumps along the road, I am very thankful for the new life that has been given to me and I want to encourage others in their walk to be thankful for the new life and gifts He has given each and every one of us! 

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