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Having been raised by Christian parents and growing up attending church and Sunday School regularly, I have always heard and believed the good news of the Gospel. As such, I did not have a burning bush or Damascus Road experience when I accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. However, there were two very important experiences that helped me understand the hope that we have in Jesus Christ.

First, I remember clearly one particular Sunday when (as a teenager) I truly heard the hymn “The Old Rugged Cross” for the first time. The lyrics helped me to understand that the very best this world has to offer cannot compare to what God has in store for us on that great day when we exchange our earthly possessions for a crown of righteousness all because Jesus Christ finished work at Calvary.
Second, I also remember a day when a college friend recited Galations 2:20 “I am crucified with Christ; nevertheless, I live” during a prayer group meeting. I then realized that Jesus Christ not only died for my sins but, He would be responsible for my life if I made the conscious decision to live in Him, for Him, and through Him.
I now live knowing that no greater joy or peace exists beyond acceptance of Christ dying for me and also being raised for me so that I can truly have life abundantly, hope continuously, and peace everlasting to the glory of God the Father.

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