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I am very blessed to have been raised in a loving Christian home where my parents saw the importance of raising my brother and I in church at a young age. My dad was called into the ministry when I was 10, so I assumed the role of a preacher’s kid and was at church every time the doors were open. Though I learned a lot about Christ and the Bible, there seemed to be a disconnect between what was in my head and what was in my heart. Until, at 15, I attended a weekend retreat where I first tasted the love of Christ as my own and realized that He was pursuing my heart for a personal relationship with Him. That Saturday night, I surrendered my life to Christ and told Him that I would follow Him wherever He would lead me.

It was in college, when the Lord led me away from the comforts of my family for the first time, that, with the influence of my college roommate, I truly began to take ownership of my faith. Since then, my Savior has been leading me to trust Him with every area of my life. In August of 2004, He led me to North Point Community Church, at a time when I was in desperate need of community and accountability. Though I was hesitant of attending such a large environment, God slowly led me into a small group and a Fusion community, and as I look back, I am completely blown away by the relationships and deepening of my faith that I have experienced in the last year and a half. This is just one of many instances of God’s faithful, steady hand guiding my life, and I find myself saying over and over again, I cannot imagine my life without Jesus Christ. To Him be all the glory forever!

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