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Like most people, I was born into a home where my Mother was religious, but not a regular at church.  It was a single parent household and was not an easy life, but my mother worked hard to provide for both of us.  She allowed me when I was old enough, to find a church and religion that suited me.  My mom preferred me to know God rather than belong to a religion that was not comfortable for me.  Her heart was in the right place, but I wound up losing touch with God because of my lack of faith.  My life was not easy.

I made many mistakes and saw my family crumble around me.  I kept asking myself why God would allow this to happen.  I attempted to escape this reality by going off to college out of state.  Along with quite a few others that go off to college, I began a downward spiral instead.  I began experimenting with drugs, and alcohol.  I thought that since I was not addicted to anything, “I could quit at any time”, that my life would not be affected much.
Of course, I was wrong.  The more I battled with myself, the more empty that I became, and the more I alienated family and friends.  I had a few friends, however, that stuck by me even when nobody would have faulted them for giving up.  Through their help and guidance, along with my family; I slowly began to climb out of the mess my life had become.  They were, and continue to be good friends, and role models, helping me to find God and Jesus Christ again.  Their forgiveness of my mistakes helped me realize God’s forgiveness of all our sins.  In April of 2004, I finally accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior.  Since then, I have become happier, I do not feel empty anymore, and I see more Light than Dark.  The walk toward God is life encompassing, but with the friendship of my friends, and the love of both my family, and of Christ; it is a walk that I would be willing to undertake an infinite times over.

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