The Power in the Promise

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By Hally Franz –


As a veteran 4-H parent and leader, I am a member of our county’s 4-H council, which meets about six times each year. We discuss the activities of the dozen or so 4-H clubs around the rural county in which I live, the annual county fair, the distribution of available 4-H funds, and other local 4-H matters.

At our last meeting, an issue came up for a vote. When the council president asked for those in favor to say “aye,” everyone in the group did just that – everyone, except me. The issue in question was of a financial nature, and I suppose I lean in favor of prudence and fairness. I considered the proposed expenditure to be something that would be a slippery slope for future spending, and, at the same time, one that we would be unable to honor in coming years.

So, when our leader asked if there were any “nays,” I made no sound but sheepishly raised my hand in opposition. Of course, I knew I was outvoted, but the almost-unfailingly honest side of me was compelled to express my solo vote.

There were at most fifty people in attendance at this meeting. I am acquainted with or friends with about one third of them, and there were less than five complete strangers in the group. I knew I wouldn’t be lynched, tarred and feathered, or kicked out. And yet, I was a little nervous about being the only one with a dissenting point of view.

So, I have to wonder… How would I handle a question about my faith in a group of atheists? Further, would I have the strength to stand up for my Lord and Savior even when doing so could be dangerous? And, would I have the courage to express my loyalty to Jesus Christ when it might mean my life? It’s a question many of us have pondered.

I pray that my honesty would be greater and my “vote” in favor of my Heavenly Father bolder than what I demonstrated at the recent council meeting. And, I find comfort in the words Jesus gave His disciples in Matthew.  Though my confidence in myself may be shaky, my confidence in His promises is not!

PRAYER: Most Righteous Heavenly Father, help me to always stand up for You, whether I am surrounded by Christian brothers and sisters, or alone in a crowd.

“When they deliver you over, do not be anxious how you are to speak or what you are to say, for what you are to say will be given to you in that hour” (Matthew 10:19 ESV).


About Hally Franz

Hally Franz writes about her observations on family and faith, parenting and people. She is a former high school guidance counselor, turned stay-at-home mom. Hally and husband Tim will celebrate twenty years of marriage this year, and have two teens. She is a 4-H leader and band mom, serves as her church secretary and as a Bible class teacher. Hally enjoys traveling with her family and participating in monthly book club meetings with her pals.
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