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By Mark Bowyer 

What does it take to have a distinctive “voice” in the Christian music scene today?  Well, while other popular artists go the smooth and sensitive falsetto route, Todd Agnew, with a Native American background, finds his distinctiveness in his powerful, raw, low-toned gruffness that can't really be described and just has to be heard.  This distinctive voice leaps out at you with unpretentious lyrics that openly and honestly worship Jesus.  Known for being extremely casual, and even performing barefoot, this modern-day forerunner, humbly, yet strongly tells us to behold the Lamb of God.

Todd's MySpace Music page shows his musical range.  When one first listens to “Still Has a Hold,” you might think that somehow a mixture of Johnny Cash and a Memphis Christian blues singer has crept out and taken a hold of your computer.  While the very next song, “Grace Like Rain,” smoothes out his rough edges a little and brings more of a driving force to his message.  Getting a lot of play on FM radio lately, “My Jesus,” tones this powerhouse down even further so that he can express his intimate relationship with Christ and get you to think about Jesus in perhaps a way you might not have before.

Like a voice crying in the wilderness that is today's musical landscape, Todd Agnew's music prepares your heart to welcome the Lord in worship.  Celebrating his first year of marriage, touring a lot, and posting updates via Facebook and Twitter, Todd Agnew is a busy man. With his new album with Memphis's Ardent Records set to arrive in October, Todd Agnew, despite all his success, remains the simple, plain-spoken, distinctive voice we need while maintaining an uncompromising approach to both songwriting and the Christian life.

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