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By Ryan Mulkowsky 
I first heard this band back in 2001 when their album Much came out, and I was excited to hear what has now become one of my favorite worship songs of all-time: “Unashamed Love.” From that time on I have been eager to hear new and refreshing music from these four guys which hail from New Haven, Connecticut. Lead singer and guitarist Lamont Hiebert founded the band with former members Austin Morrison and Tommy Lee. Currently the lineup is with Hiebert, Jonny Rodgers on the guitar, Colin Meyer on drums, and Tim Sway on bass. This band is truly a cut above the rest as their music is deeply vulnerable, passionately honest, and desperately mature. In a time and place where music has become predictable and shallow; leave it to Ten Shekel Shirt to lift your spirits and speak to you in a personal way.

Their current album Jubilee, their first album since 2003, brings a melody of pop and rock together to form penetrating tones and overall amazing musicality that will make anyone pay attention and want to listen to it over and over again. The lyrics are extremely mature and speak out on such issues as modern-day slavery and abuse while also speaking out on transparency and genuineness in Christianity. There music is wide-ranging from up-tempo songs such as “Spark” to calm melodic songs such as “En Garde.” One cannot help but to find originality in their music, which brings enjoyment and contemplation to anyone who is graced to listen to it. Hiebert’s passionate and gentle, yet powerful voice allows for such range in his music and the talented band complements his lyrical mastery.
What is especially endearing about Lamont Hiebert is not just his heart to write expressive music that praises God; but his heart to reach out to those who need help the most—exploited children.  After the making of the album Risk, Hiebert went to Southeast Asia with undercover investigators to rescue young children that were being abused, exploited, and enslaved in brothels. After that life-changing experience, he founded an organization called Love146 which reaches out to exploited children and to end child sex slavery. He explains on Ten Shekel Shirt’s official website:
“Rescue agencies informed us that more child slaves could be rescued if there were more aftercare services. Thankfully, we have been able to make room for many more of these precious children by expanding the number of safehomes and trauma counselors. Love146 also funds effective prevention efforts in Southeast Asia making it harder for human traffickers to abduct children.”
Ten Shekel Shirt is truly an example of not just another Christian band playing music; but those who are truly fulfilling the Great Commission and whose passion is not just to make excellent worship music, but to seek justice in a broken and evil world.
To learn more about this artist, visit http://www.tenshekelshirt.com and http://www.myspace.com/tenshekelshirt

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