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By Austin King  

Kent Bottenfield has gone from Major League pitcher to Christian singer in just a few years, but the events in between are what make him all the more incredible. In his second release, fittingly titled, “Back in the Game,” Kent again shows he is making it his goal to share God’s message of hope, salvation, and encouragement.

Just seven years ago you could have caught Kent at a Major League baseball game, pitching for teams like the Astros, Cubs, and Phillies. In 1999, Kent played in the All-Star game, something that some players never achieve in their entire career.

Even back when he played baseball though, he had a liking for music. In 2007, Kent told Lee Warren of BP Sports, “Whenever baseball was not going so good, I couldn't wait to get back to my room to start playing and I started thinking that maybe I could do music someday…But I felt like God was telling me, 'You know what Kent? I have given you baseball right now. You need to set that music aside.' So I quit music completely and that's really when my career started taking off.”

After baseball is when Kent’s resolve was truly challenged though. In 2005, he overcame a near fatal artery blockage that has given him a new perspective on life. Kent has turned his life to God and is using his musical abilities to spread His word. Check out his debut release, “Take Me Back,” and then compare his latest, you’ll have nearly 30 songs to choose from and you’re sure to find plenty you like.

Off of his newest CD, the single, “A Son of my Own,” reached #6 on Christian Radio Weekly’s inspirational chart. “It's because you choose to love me, that I'm forever blessed.” Kent’s music has a positive tone that can lift you up even when you are having the worst of days.

Rarely do you find someone as well known as Kent who goes from baseball pitcher to Christian singer, and that is just one of the reasons you should grab a copy of “Back in the Game.” If you are looking for upbeat music written around faith, Kent Bottenfield is your man.

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