Artist Spotlight: Cloudchase

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By Randy L. Henderson  

What is Cloudchase? We’re a modern/alternative rock band from Nashville, TN. Why Cloudchase? We’re all about chasing and getting after what we’ve been made for: dreams, relationships and things bigger and better than us…including great music. Quotes from the website:

Cloudchase consists of Erin Sparks, her husband Zak Sparks, Matt Spell and Matt Manes. The band was a God ordained collection of souls that knew within that reaching people through music was more than a hobby; it’s a divine call. Erin remarks on their MySpace website: “It was totally God.”

Cloudchase’s new project is entitled Another World. The title track is a bass driven, percussion enhanced, vocal thrill ride. “In The Middle” is another song that highlights the band’s tight musicality that builds on the vocalizations of Erin Sparks. There is no “Mystery” that this band is poised for great things in the kingdom of God.

I highly recommend visiting www.myspace/cloudchase for more information about the ministry of Cloudchase.


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