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By Mark Webb    

The band started less than four years ago in Johannesburg, South Africa when A couple of friends decided to get involved in their local youth group’s worship team. With a passion to see, and be part of a generation of young people engaging with their Creator, they took a leap into the adventure that was to become The Exploits. After releasing their debut EP Start Today in 2007, they are rapidly gaining popularity. I chatted with Daniel Robinson their lead vocalist/guitarist:

TCP: Most bands start out of their garage, with views of making it into the money, what were your aims when starting The Exploits, did you feel God leading you down this path?

DR: We started out just jamming praise & worship stuff together for our youth at church. After a year or two we started dreaming of writing songs and contributing to what God has put inside of us! We definitely felt it was a God thing, and all along we have had to be so careful not to let our motives get selfish. We have to keep the focus on CHRIST, the hope of Glory.

TCP: We are called to live a lifestyle of worship to God. Is your music a direct response to this?

DR: Hey, I think a lifestyle of worship is obviously what it says – a lifestyle. So it’s got to be so much more than the songs we sing. So our music is aimed at challenging us to live that lifestyle.

TCP: You have just released your first album, how has the response been to it?

DR: Yes, well its a 6 – track EP! It’s been awesome to finally have a medium of getting the songs out there. We have had great feedback so far, but we know it's still in the early days in terms of what God’s put inside us ๐Ÿ˜‰

TCP: What is the writing process for your songs like?

DR: We like to work out songs as a team, as much as possible. Often how it works is that one of us will have a theme or even just a lyric on their heart, or maybe a musical idea. Then as a team we start chipping away at it, carving away what doesn’t need to be there and chiseling in new aspects. We ask ourselves what the aim of this song is, where is it going, what is it doing in the listener?

TCP: "In your hands we can change a nation, be hope to a generation/Use us God to see Your kingdom come" is the tag line from "As One We Rise". A lot of bands in the CCM market do not use these type of lyrics, trying to stay more ‘undercover’ with their faith, what are your feelings on this?

DR: Wow, quite a controversial topic of late … ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hey, I understand exactly why guys would try to keep their lyrics a bit more on the subtle side. There definitely is a label attached to Christian artists that could hamper their “success” in terms getting LOADED & HUGE! Someone once said to me : If your best friend made a deal that he would give up his life so that you could have the best musical talent and make it big, wouldn’t you tell your audience about him every time you played? Wouldn’t you want to honour him and tell the world about him with every song?

TCP: Where can people get hold of your music?

DR: You can get it directly from us if you email

You can buy it on Cd baby or iTunes

TCP: Any new material? Plans/dreams for the future?

DR: We are currently working on new material for a new album that we hope to start recording this year! We would love to get OUT there into the DARK places more this year.

TCP: I'm all about empowering a generation to take this world by storm, what would The Exploits say to this generation?


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