Artist Spotlight: Carriers of the Cross

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Song/CD Compilation: Against the Grain
Genre: Rap
By Andre Mullen
When you are a group like Carriers of the Cross, you take what you have been called to do very seriously.  Inspired and created by a powerful Word of God that came forth from his pastor in 1998, founding member Eddie Cortes (Substance) along with Remy Basuri (Remix) and Jeremiah Smaha (Prophecyer), created the group and released their first album 3 years later under their non-profit organization.  Now, with major label backing and a very large and loyal following, Carriers of the Cross released their second album entitled Against the Grain. 

These brothers from Florida really put it down heavy, have fun throughout the album, and maintain a serious vibe all at the same time.  The production is classic hip-hop mixed with modern sounds.  On A Mission really speaks the heart of the group, using a steady beat with light keys.  The song reaches out to those who are in situations that can only be changed through acceptance of Christ.  On Who You Rep?, Carriers take the stance about who they represent and then pose the question to the listener.  With a slick piano melody coupled with thick strings, this song draws inspiration from Acts 4:7-10 per their liner notes.   The Carriers also move into the area of Christian Reggaeton with The Rebirth.  On this track, Substance, Prophecyer and guest vocalist Myster L stress the importance of accepting Christ so that people can enjoy the benefits of the rebirth.

Carriers of the Cross have truly put forth a solid album with Against the Grain.  For more info on this group, check them out at

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