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Song/CD Compilation: Subtle Deception
Genre: Rap
By Andre Mullen
All Purpose Experience (APX) is serious about what he has been called to do.  In his words, “evangelism and discipleship are imperative”.  His drive is simple: Combat the negative and explicit images of today’s musical landscape with positive, Christ-centered lyrics that get people thinking and banging beats that get their heads bobbing.  To accomplish this, he has put together a “tougher than leather” album entitled Subtle Deception. 

Rest assured that this American Samoan raised brother doesn’t pull punches on his album.  Subtle Deception boasts a serious Midwest/West rap sound with raw and upfront lyrics.  He makes it his priority to put Christ in the forefront and doesn’t make any apologies for doing so.  My Team, a strong track filled with strings and strong trombone, affirms APX’s commitment to The Body of Christ and how formidable the Body really is in the spirit.  No Game Homie lets the listener know that they need not to be ashamed of sharing their testimony because people need to know.  The album’s title track, Subtle Deception, comes through with some intense strings and a steady kick.  It talks about being careful and lookout for those subtle deceptions that try to distract us from serving God.  Scars and Stripes is truly a gem on this album and purely evangelical.  The track along with its thumping kick comes with a serious hook: “I’ve been saved by the scars and stripes/In the scars and stripes/Persecution is a part of life/His Grace is sufficient for the heart of life/You want joy then honor Christ”

APX really desires for people not to get caught up in the Subtle Deception.  Check out the album and more about APX at

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