Book Review: The Pastor’s Wife

Written by Jennifer AlLee
Reviewed by Rhonda Clark

Being a pastor’s wife wasn’t the life for Maura Sullivan. That’s one the reasons she fled Granger, Ohio six years earlier. Once again she finds herself back in town. Only this time leaving has stipulations, she must first fulfill the obligations of a will first. If she doesn’t the town and her husband’s church will suffer. What’s worse, she’s forced to live with the husband she abandoned. Her only choice is to make peace with her past and show the congregation she’s capable of finishing what she starts.
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Feature Artist: Tenth Avenue North

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Feature Artist: Tenth Avenue North
Reviewed by Claire Walden
The Christian music market is filled with talented artists, yet it is often saturated with songs that are almost carbon copies of each other. It is hard to be original in an industry full of talent and artists wanting to reach the same audience and get their voices heard about the truth of the Gospel. Not that it takes away from the truth, however, it is always refreshing to come across a song that speaks to you from a perspective that is unfamiliar to the sound waves, but it articulates exactly what you feel in your heart. This is where Tenth Avenue North comes in.
The band is comprised of four guys who met in West Palm Beach. Mike Donehey leads the band with Jason Jamison on the drums, Jeff Owen on lead guitar and Scott Sanders on keys and bass. Their name originated from a street that Jason and Mike lived on while attending Palm Beach Atlantic College. The guys all were brought up in the church and have the same ambition: to be a light in a dark world. They want to reflect God’s truth and love in a new way within an industry that makes it so accessible to get caught up in the recognition and wealth that often results.
Their debut album, “Over and Underneath” gives an intimate experience of devotion. The songs range from themes of human weakness, freedom, love, spiritual need and truth. One of my favorite songs is “Hold My Heart.” The band’s originality shows through in their unique lyrics about the struggle between truth and one’s emotions. “If you’re everything you say you are won’t you come close and hold my heart…I’m done asking why cuz I’m on my knees, begging you to turn to me.” I absolutely love this perspective and the way the song is uniquely crafted. As flawed human beings, we will always struggle to grasp the concept of God and his grace, and this song captures that reality.
I highly recommend this album and that you check this band out to see for yourself how they are using their talents to further the Kingdom. To find out more about Tenth Avenue North check them out at their website.

Feature Interview: Kathi Macias

By Rhonda Clark –

Kathi Macias is a woman of many talents and interests. She’s not only an award winning multi-published author, but she’s a popular speaker. April 5, 2010, the first two books in her new series, Extreme Devotion, will be released.

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