Artist Spotlight: ROOTDOWN

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By: Brian Johnson

It’s very rare that you’ll find a band formed straight off of MySpace, but that’s what the band, ROOTDOWN did. To add to that fact, they are a Christian band that’s main genre is reggae. You never know what kind of music you’ll hear today, and ROOTDOWN is definitely no exception. The fresh music that is made from ROOTDOWN is an example of the modernization of the music industry.

Now as I said, the band formed straight off the Internet. Zane Fischer, the band’s guitarist/vocalist came across a singer while browsing MySpace one day. The singer sparked his interest, and soon talks began between the two about starting a band. That singer was Paul “Pdub” Wright, and the pair began the recruitment process. Paul discovered a guy by the name, Jesiah, who now plays keys for the band. Of course he was also found on MySpace. Two more guys would be casted for the band, Craig and Jackson. All would meet to begin making music in the college town of Eugene, Oregon. They started off by producing an EP and giving it away for free, to get their name out. Next, they picked up Matt Salinas on guitar, and self-produced the CD, “Summer of Love.” 

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Artist Spotlight: Matthew West

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By Brian Johnson

Matthew West is a remarkable artist. It’s true that this could be said of many people; however, West is one of the few that seems to continue to resonate in your mind. West hails from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. Hoping to pursue a career in baseball, he pushed to earn a college sports scholarship. The Lord had other plans, though. He was offered a full-ride music scholarship from Millkin University. 

His latest album, “Something to Say,” has received great attention in the music industry, for good reason. After its release, it reached number 8 on Billboard’s Top Christian albums chart, as well as earning the 159 spot on the Billboard 200. “Something to Say” is a high quality contemporary Christian album. The songs on the album allow for easy listening, while providing a clear message of faith. At the beginning of the year a new single was added to the album, “The Motions,” which has become a radio DJ favorite. 

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Artist Spotlight: MIKESCHAIR

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With negative influences in today’s media and culture it is very easy to get lost in all of the confusion.  That’s where the band, MIKESCHAIR, comes in.  Now, when you hear of a band called “MIKESCHAIR,” you’re probably going to double check if you heard the name right.  I did to, and found out it comes from some funny experiences the band had together when they formed.  In college, the band members met, and they all lived on the same floor of a dorm, except for the lead singer, Mike Grayson.  He lived on a different floor, but all his time was spent hanging with the band and writing music, on their floor.  So, one day the rest of the band decided to buy Mike a chair so that he’d have something to sit on, when he came down (and to sleep on).  So, the name MIKESCHAIR seemed very fitting, and the rest was history. 

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