What To Do In The Test

January 9, 2019 by  
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By Brenda Jackson

Trials will come and trials will go! Just like the seasons, never remaining the same. God said we would have them, to prove us, to perfect us and to prepare us for what’s to come and for our destiny.

Trials hurt, they are uncomfortable, painful, and some even may cost us in some area or way in our lives. Whether it be material or emotional! But most importantly to me they perfect us into the image our Father wants us to have. God has a plan, to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11NIV)

He even made it easy for us by telling us in (Ephesians 6:14-15NIV) to prepare by allowing the Word of God to be our firm foundation in which we as Christians are to stand. Be ready to defend by the Word of God. Not getting ready for the fight but already girded up for the fight with the word.

For me I thought I was ready when the trial came. That in the devil’s mind was to kill me and destroy me. At first I complained about it, murmured about it, and felt sorry for myself. I would be ok for about a week, and then I would focus on the pain and what all I had lost. I would return to my flesh and look at the trial instead of the deliverer. I would think this is not God, why is he allowing the devil to overtake me. 

At the time I did know enough to dig my way out, but I was tired of fighting. So finally the Lord gave me a word. I began to not complain. I began to pray, cry and read allowing the Word to become Rhema in my spirit man. I began to feast on the word letting it be my only defense! 

Allowing patience and endurance to have its perfect work in me! Yes patience and endurance must be obtained, even when it hurts and you can hardly pray for yourself. Do know that because God loves us so much he is forever mindful of us. He had people praying for me during this whole time that knew and did not know of my situation.

I had to surrender the trial to God and let him fight for me! Fight how, you may ask, by the Word of God I spoke out of my mouth. I also had to realize that God has given me all power over the enemy to take authority over the attack and command the hands of the enemy down. 

When we are going through a trial we must remember that just as David knew more than anything that God was with him, he remembered the memoirs of the lion and bear. So if we keep our focus that God is with you in the trial, it is subject to change. God does deliver his own against all odds. Our trials, battle’s are the Lord’s put the contest into proper perspective. Don’t let the enemy catch you off guard. 

Continually speak the word and pray over yourself, your children, your business, your church. As women we tend to get so busy and forget where our children our concerned to pray before the enemy can get them. The word is a seed for everything; the word is what WORKS prayer alone does not bring you the results you need to overcome your trial.

When you impart the Word of God in you, let it get rooted deep down in your heart it will save your soul!