Triggering God

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By Cheri Cowell – 

Triggers can be both good and bad. From psychology we’ve learned even a gesture or the tone in someone’s voice can trigger a memory and a reaction. Some of those are good, like the memory of a loved one. On the other hand, some of those memories cause pain or anger. The worst triggers are the ones we don’t yet recognize. They’re the things which send us reeling or raging.

God has triggers. The Bible tells us that how we live our lives toward others, whether freely giving and open or stingy and closed, trigger God. Often the workplace rewards stinginess, but God’s Word makes it clear He is triggered to bless those who give spontaneously without regard for the cost. He will bless those who freely give to others in all their work, in all their ventures, and in all they do.

“Give freely and spontaneously. Don’t have a stingy heart. The way you handle matters like this triggers GOD, your God’s, blessing in everything you do, all your work and ventures” (Deuteronomy 15:10 MSG).

Prayer: Lord, I know I grumble about the difficult job I have. Help me to turn my frown into a smile by doing that job as if I were doing it for you.

About Cheri Cowell

Cheri Cowell is the author of the new Bible study, Parables and Word Pictures of the New Testament: Following God series
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