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By Peter Lundell –

“THIS IS NOT 89” read the sign. Huh? What kind of sign is that?

I was driving with my wife on Route 89, a backcountry highway in Utah. In a hick town called Panguitch, Route 89 turns east. Going straight, it becomes Route 143. We wanted to take 143, so we were fine. A mile out of town we came to this sign: “THIS IS NOT 89.” It’s the first highway sign I’ve ever seen that told me where I was not. I had to take a picture.

I could imagine some drivers blithely driving for miles through the wilderness before they realized they were on the wrong road—no doubt why the odd sign was put there in the first place.

It struck me that many people live their lives that way. Including me.

We go along in life, at school or work, professional or home life, and we don’t realize that the road curved. We don’t grasp that the world changed or we changed or that God has something new for us.

We can find ourselves lost in discouragement when we don’t pay attention to where our path has been taking us. Or maybe we just need to get off what we’re doing and change.

“This is not 89” signs are good for us. They may come as the slap of a sudden realization. They may be a gradual waking up to a new reality. They may hit as a major problem or loss.

They usually come because we were going the wrong way in the first place. Or maybe it’s just time to grow. So be thankful. They’re usually what it takes to motivate us enough to change.

Have you had—or do you have—“This is not 89” signs in your life?

“Send me your light and your faithful care, let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell” (Psalm 43:3 NIV).

“Lord, send me the signs I need to walk the road You are leading me on. Whatever those signs may be, I choose to welcome them. And to follow. . . .”

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Peter Lundell, author of Prayer Power and other books, is a writer, pastor, and Bible college teacher. At you can see his books, subscribe to his inspirational “Connections,” and get free downloads of many articles, parables, and short stories.
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One Response to “Not 89”
  1. Cyn Rogalski says:

    I learned awhile back to ask God to make His path very clear, b/c I have a tendency to miss it.
    A sign would be great! Maybe 2signs…(just to be sure!)
    Thanks for the reminder!

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