A Mother’s Love

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By Judy Davis –

For over 30 years, my friend Janice prayed for her son who was addicted to alcohol. She took him to his first rehabilitation program, bought his first Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) book and went to meetings with him. She visited him in the hospital, rehab programs, and detention centers.

The years have come and gone. Janice has reflected on her son’s past many times. She knows alcoholism and drugs destroy lives. What more can she do? What more can she say?

The only way to arrest alcoholism is total abstinence. It’s up to her son to quit for good. Janice can’t blame anyone but her son. She didn’t cause it, can’t control it, and can’t cure it. There are medications now that can help and she hopes he will call a local hospital or clinic and ask them for assistance. She stressed the importance of him stepping out and getting help. Janice knows in her heart it will take God for her son to be totally healed. He will meet us at our point of need.

God’s Word is powerful! Janice said sitting in His presence reading His Word each morning for years has been the key to overcoming the pain in her heart. She allows the Holy Spirit to help her as she reads the Word.

Reading devotional books and commentaries are not the same. Let go and let God speak to you personally through His Word. He will make the Scripture come alive as He reveals words of wisdom through revelation. As we meditate on what we read, pray to comprehend what God is saying and then submit to His divine direction.

Pray for your children and talk to them about accepting Christ into their lives. Help them to turn their heart towards the light. That light that shines brighter and brighter as we live closer and closer to Christ. Most important we should do all we can to love them through the situation and be there for them.

PRAYER: Father, please help those loved ones facing alcohol, drug, and other addictions to overcome this sin. Please help the parents of those caught in this bondage. Only You can give them peace in the midst of the storm.

“Listen, my son, to your father’s instruction and do not forsake your mother’s teaching. They are a garland to grace your head and a chain to adorn your neck” (Proverbs 1:8-9 NIV).

About Judy Davis

Judy Davis has been writing for publications since 1985, and is the author of nine books including Moments of Reflection and Inspirational thoughts for writers. She and her husband, Colin have been married for 45 years. They are retired and love to travel. You can find out more at http://cgcwriters.blogspot.com.
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