A New Season

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By Judy Davis –

What new thing has God spoken into your heart this year? At the beginning of January as I reflected on setting goals I silently prayed, “What new devotion should I read this year?”

Within a minute I felt that still quiet voice of God speaking softly into my heart and spirit, “Write your own devotion, a 365 day devotional.” Did I hear correctly? That is a lot of writing!

However, I started writing the devotion the next morning. Since I have read the Bible through each year for many years, I felt it most important to write a Devotional for January through December using the whole Bible. This way the reader will also read the Scripture along with the daily devotion.

For over 20 years I have written devotions for various publishers. The way had already been prepared through attending writers conferences, going to college, even taking a class on writing nonfiction through Writer’s Digest.

I completed devotion number fifty this morning, writing one a day. My hope is to continue writing a page a day. But, if I can’t, I will continue working on this project until completion.

Is God speaking to you today? Are you listening? God never overlooks our obedience or disobedience. Peter Lord wrote in his book, Hearing God, “a person learns to hear” and that a hearing ear can be developed. What a challenge to learn to listen to God!

PRAYER: Father, thank you for a new thing you are doing in us today. May our hearts and ears be open to hear your voice. Then help us to act on what you would have us to do so others may know You.

“See the former things have taken place, and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you” (Isaiah 42:9).

About Judy Davis

Judy Davis has been writing for publications since 1985, and is the author of nine books including Moments of Reflection and Inspirational thoughts for writers. She and her husband, Colin have been married for 45 years. They are retired and love to travel. You can find out more at http://cgcwriters.blogspot.com.
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