A Dime for You and A Dime for Me

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By Pat Hodges –

Sometime ago my wife told me a testimony of when God came through for her in an amazing way for what seemed like a trivial want. She was at work and wanted a soft drink during her break. She counted all the change in her pockets, which came to forty cents. The soft drinks in the vending machine cost fifty cents. She described that a little voice spoke to her and told her there was a dime in the change slot in the vending machine.

She went over to the vending machine and put her forty cents in. She then reached into the change slot searching for what the little voice had told her would be there. Sure enough, her fingers touched a coin, but to her amazement, she didn’t pull out one dime, but two. After getting her drink, she wondered why there had been two dimes instead of just one. She went back to her work station and found out her co-worker was also a dime short of getting a soft drink. With a big smile on her face, she handed the co-worker the dime.

God is not somewhere off in His own world, totally out of touch with our wants, desires, and needs as we might feel at times. We tend to think our wants and desires are too trivial for God; that He has no interest in them. We need to remember He cares about the small things, not just the big things, in our lives.

An example of this can be found in Luke chapter five when Peter and His brother had been out fishing all night and had come up totally empty handed. Out of frustration, they were ready to throw in the towel and call it a failed night. But Jesus showed up and told them to cast their nets on the other side of the boat. Peter protested, but went ahead and obeyed the instruction. To their stunned amazement, there were so many fish their nets broke.

I’m quite certain that if we could go back and interview Peter before this occurrence, he might very well have had the same opinion that a lot of Christians have. God is too busy to pay attention to me and my wants and desires. But here, we see that even though Jesus was about His Fathers business, it was in the heart of the Father to bless Peter and his brother and to give Peter the desires of his heart.

Can you think of times when you might have dismissed praying for something believing your Heavenly Father wouldn’t be interested or would not want to take the time to listen to your heart’s desire? He’s more interested than you know.

About Pat Hodges

Pat has been in the ministry for 31 years, pastored for 10 years in Houston, Texas and has traveled and ministered in over 16 countries. Pat is also authored the book, "The Full Blessing of Full Obedience", a book on how to obtain the release of the full blessing of God in the life of the believer. He and his wife, Misty currently reside in Denton, Texas.
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