The End of the World?

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By Kim Stokely −

If you’re reading this post, it means the Mayans were wrong and the earth didn’t self-destruct on December 21st.

Whew. I was worried.


I hope you all enjoyed a blessed Christmas and didn’t let the threat of our ultimate demise cast a pall on your celebrations.

Honestly, I think the fact that Dick Clark died this year scared me more than all the Mayan calendar hoopla. I mean, can America really have a new year without Dick Clark? Can the Tiffany ball in Times Square fall without him?

My guess?


The fact is, the Mayans probably ran out of room on that big rock wall they were chiseling, that’s why the calendar ended. Or maybe it was the fact that Cortez had arrived in South America and wanted to steal all their gold. I think they may have had more important things on their mind at the time, like trying to survive. And as for Dick Clark, well, much as we hate to admit it, the world does not revolve around a single human being (a household, maybe. Not the planet!)

Why are we so fascinated by the end of the world? People spend a lot of time trying to break Bible Codes, Indian prophecies and the ramblings of Nostradamus in an effort to figure out how much time they have left on this earth. The History Channel runs “Doomsday” marathons during this season—shows about global warming, rogue asteroids, nuclear holocaust (because nothing says Happy Holidays like a good, worldwide plague.)

But God alone knows the time and day of His return. He determined the beginning of the universe and the start of life on this tiny, third planet from the sun. It’s up to Him to decide when it’s done.

Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (NIV). The key is not to figure out how many days we might have left, but to make the most of the days we’re given. Worrying about the number and not how we live is like a kid who sits among his Christmas presents but never opens them because then he’ll have one less package. Me? I want to savor each present, each day, the Lord chooses to give me. I don’t want to leave one experience left unopened at the end of my life.

About Kim Stokely

Kim Stokely has toured throughout the country in a one-person musical about women in the Bible. She lives in Nebraska with her husband and a variety of creatures including: two teenagers, two dogs, a parakeet and a legless lizard. Her stories have been printed in Chicken Soup for the Soul, Vista, and Writers’ Journal and she invites you to visit her website @ to read her award winning short story, Bingo.
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13 Responses to “The End of the World?”
  1. Steve says:

    Lovely piece, Kim. Humorous, yes, but also extremely thoughtful and wise. Many Happy New Years to you and yours!

  2. Suzanne Gorhau says:

    I wasn’t worried either :). Good reminder to savor everyday. I’m trying to do that with pictures and journaling. And focusing on the wonderful gifts that God gives us every day.

    • Kim says:

      Thanks, Suzanne. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner, the delayed posting a bunch of the comments until today. I love your idea of journaling with pictures.

  3. Julie S says:

    Great perspective, Kim, as usual.

  4. Ken says:

    Excellent perspective. As one who knows not when his last day will come, and since it may be much sooner than most my age, you are absolutely correct that we must enjoy the days that we have and not to worry. God, and God alone, knows when the my last day will come whether it’s my own last day or that of the world at large and all that I can do is to spread His love and do His will while I’m here. May you have a very blessed and Happy New Year! And always remember, let go and let God!

  5. Doug Sasse says:

    Yes! Finally, some common sense about the Mayan calendar and the end of the world. Thank you!

  6. Mary Jo says:

    This essay is just what we need to start the new year off in the right frame of mind: thankful, smiling, and full of hope in a loving Lord.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Kim!

  7. Kim says:

    Thanks so much Mary Jo! I hope you have a wonderful 2013!

  8. Frank says:

    Happy New Year, Kim! I agree with you that a fascination with the end of the world is a morbid fascination, but it seems like some of us are drawn to it, like moths to the flame…

    As for me, I just want to know. Curiosity. That’s it. I like your imagery of sitting around Christmas presents, savoring each one. I try to live my life that way. Remember the movie “The Titanic?” (no one will let you forget it, even if you wanted to!) Anyway, my favorite part of the movie (the ONLY part of the movie I like) is at the end, when Rose passes away, and the camera pans around her room, looking at the photos of her life, her friends, her adventures. That’s what I want… a full, rich life, full of as many adventures and experiences as I can have…

    But I still want to know if the world is going to end tomorrow…

    • Kim says:

      Frank- I hated “Titanic” as well, but like you, liked that Rose appreciated the gift she’d been given and lived her life to the fullest. It bugged me that she threw that necklace overboard though.

  9. Jeff Stokely says:

    It is good to start off 2013 with a positive outlook, even though I for one was hoping the world would end. Something about having every tear wiped away and seeing the Lion lie down with the Lamb — sounded good to me. Oh well, happy new year!

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