Wait Until Dark

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By Karen O’Connor –

My four-year-old grandson, Miles, walked from one room to the next in our new house––located not far from his home. My husband and I had moved from Southern California to Central Coast California to be closer to Miles and his family. So he was intrigued by our new digs!

“I like coming to your house,” he said, as he continued to survey each detail. “You have a nice big television and a nice little television. You have a nice room for kids to sleep in and a nice kitchen. And you have nice snacks.”

It was clear we had scored. According to Miles, everything about our house was nice.

His mother and I agreed that Miles would spend every Wednesday at our house. He referred to it as a “play day with Grammy.” Granddad got in on the act too, building figures with blocks and creating designs with wooden tiles.

I took Miles and his friend to the park or out for ice cream or to the airport to see the planes take off and land. We had many good times over the months of our weekly get-togethers.

Generally I drove him home in mid-afternoon, after picking up his older sister from school. On a couple of occasions he asked if he could stay till it was dark. The setting of the sun seemed to indicate to Miles that he really did stay at Grammy’s for a whole day. So we gradually put that practice into place.

Then one day when his parents had a party to attend, I offered to keep Miles for an entire day and evening—until it was really dark! While we waited for his mom and dad to return, I suggested he stay overnight. He had an extra stash of clothes at our house and we always have a spare toothbrush for guests.

“Miles, what do you think of the idea? We’d love to have you spend the night. And I’ll make you a great breakfast in the morning and then take you home.”

He looked at me with worried eyes. “No, Grammy, I can’t stay overnight. I’m too little.”

“Really?” I asked. “But you stayed till it was dark and that seemed to be all right.”

He nodded his head and continued with confidence. “I’m big enough to stay till dark but not big enough to stay overnight.”

I accepted his response. “It’s okay. We’ll try again when you’re older, okay?”

He wrinkled his nose. “I can’t sleep unless my family is all around me.”

I’ve decided to put off my question till he’s in college!

About Karen OConnor

Karen O'Connor is an award-winning author of 70+ published books, a featured speaker at conferences and ministry events, and a writing instructor and editor for the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. Visit Karen on the web at karenoconnor.com.
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2 Responses to “Wait Until Dark”
  1. Mary Cannon says:

    This story reminds me of my baby sister. Her first overnight stay was with an aunt and uncle. About 1:30 in the morning, she decided she had had enough of a visit, it was to go home. They brought her home at that time. This happened 40plus years ago and we still laugh and talk about it.

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