Light Penetrates the Darkness

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By Diane Mayfield –

I don’t often get up early enough to see the sunrise. I really only do that here at the beach where I don’t want to miss a moment of my time in this splendid demonstration of His glory. So, I get up. Every time I’m mesmerized by the drama plays out when the sun rises to send the darkness of the night away. This morning is no different.

After a night of lightening, thunder and storming, there was silence. No more rain and no rumblings of thunder, but dark clouds remained. In fact, darkness prevailed until I saw the sun peek out from the left of those dark clouds. It was as if there was a battle for space. Who would win? As the light burst through with its illuminating rays and warmth, darkness fades. Where it goes, I don’t know. Once again, light penetrated darkness.

At that moment, I’m reminded of the spiritual battles we face each day between the truth of the Light and the lies of darkness. It is often an unseen but very present battle. This morning I witness a vivid picture of such drama.

Today, guilt and shame plague me. I have a sense that I’m never enough. That what I do is not good enough, not quite “high-end enough.” Whatever that means. I feel guilty for this vacation when someone close to me is in such pain. How could I be here for ten days when my dear friend is struggling so much? What do I have to offer as a writer that people haven’t already heard? Negative thoughts bombard me, robbing me of the joy and peace that comes from knowing and belonging to Jesus. It’s a subtle attack. Not like a barrage of hailstones, but effective nevertheless. It starts slowly like the sprinkles of rain until it grows into the noise of a raging storm and beyond all reason.

The good news is Truth and Light prevails, just like in the cosmic battle between the sun and the darkness from the night. In Jesus, the Light of Truth penetrates and sends the messages of darkness retreating into the abyss. That’s what happened to me this morning when I saw the sun rise in victory over the dark cloud from the storm.

I remembered that I could choose what I wanted to believe, whom I wanted to believe in.

I’m filled with overflowing gratitude that I belong to Jesus. His truth and the light of His presence and who I am in Him sent the false guilt and shame of accusatory lies away. I suffer no condemnation in Him and I live free to worship Him with all my heart, soul and mind. I do that now, on this beach, watching wave upon wave roll in as I praise Him for the majesty of His creation. I can trust Him for my struggling friend. I don’t know if what I have to write matters, but I will obey is call to do so. The truth is I’m not enough, but in Him, I have all that I need for this life and all eternity. Thank you, Jesus.

About Diane Mayfield

Diane, a follower of Jesus, has a Bachelor of Journalism Degree, a Master’s Degree in Education with a specialty in counseling and is a Certified Coach. Married for 35 years and after raising three children, she returns to one of her first loves-writing.
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