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By Makenzie Allen –

“You are right that I am also extraordinary, but let me tell you something: No matter how ordinary a person may be, put God in that person, and the ordinary becomes extraordinary” (The Indwelling Life of Christ by Major W. Ian Thomas).

You mean there is a way to fill the increasing gap that’s been forming in my mind about how I’m not good enough? That God could be the missing puzzle piece to my confusing jigsaw life? You really mean to tell me that this push from the world saying that if I act superior and dress immodestly, I will truly be extraordinary is all a hoax?

My soul longs for something with more substance. But as a human, I tend to grasp for things with less importance and reach for fillers that are more artificial. Why? Why do I lean towards the cookie instead of the salad? Because it looks so good in the moment, tastes so good most of the time too—unless there are some menacing raisins in them of course. And then that moment is over and all you have left are some extra calories. I don’t want to be the one who grabs a hold of what the world has to offer because I’m tired of chasing after a righteousness that’s just out of reach. I don’t want to be a hairsbreadth away from a relationship with God only to turn and fall into the temptations that come so naturally to us. I want the healing, not the Band-Aid.

Sitting in church, I watch as the pastor walks back and forth hands in full motion. In the background, I see the Grand Tetons and all the beauty encompassing them. God gave us such a beautiful world to inhabit. It could have been dull and gray, but instead it’s blooming with colors I don’t even know the names for. Refocusing my attention on the speaker, I hear these words, “Justification for God to love me doesn’t come from me, but Jesus.” And instead of that awkward moment I’m going to say that joyful moment. That joyful moment when your inadequacy is suddenly covered by the sacrifice of Jesus.

Yep, I had a moment. And from that moment, instead of extra baggage being added to my hunched shoulders, I had a weight lifted from my conscious as if to say, “God’s got that suitcase taken care of.” God is the essence of a true gentleman, isn’t He? As a girl, I dream of a guy who will put his life at risk because of his love for me, who will be chivalrous even after years of being married, and who will see beauty after all my youth has left. Well, Jesus already died for me. He even takes the oppression from me when it’s unbearable and He sees beauty in me even though His purity should have blocked me out. He is all the love I could have asked for and more.

So, now the question is, am I going to let God’s presence take me over in every way? Or am I going to continue on this road of fake happiness? Am I going to accept the unconditional love or am I going to continue searching for a love on earth that doesn’t exist without the presence of God? I’m tired of my petty life. I want meaning and a goal. Real love, life, and healing, only comes from Jesus. To be extraordinary you have to be filled with Him who is extraordinary.

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Makenzie Allen is a christian teen with a passion to write. Besides writing articles for The Christian Pulse, she also has her own blog at
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