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By Liz Cowen Furman –

We recently drove our middle son out to California to start college at California Baptist University. (Amazing place!) But before we could leave, l had to drive the eight hours from our motel in Dubois, Wyoming, home to meet up with my hubby and son to start the journey. Then on the return journey I left him in Conifer, Colorado, and drove back to Dubois for the last week of our season and to close the motel for the winter. The total miles traveled in one week and three days was 2,648 through six states. Whew! Good thing I love road trips.

On our journey, I discovered some amazing things…here are the top ten.

10. Sunflower seeds, cinnamon discs and singing loudly work well to ward off drousies while driving.

9. August might not be the best month to travel from Wyoming to California and back. Hotter than Hades.

8. Southern Utah is a beautiful place.

7. Oceans are one of God’s coolest inventions.

6. Israeli Melons! Yum!

5. Rainbows – we were chased all the way across Utah and then again at the beach by the most gorgeous rainbows which we decided were a sign of great things to come for our son. (Wish I could include pictures with this article, they were AMAZING.)

4. While Vegas is touted as a very FUN place I found it to be desperately lost and so sad. Not to mention dirty and unbelievably HOT.

3. 113 degrees + 80 miles per hour = melted tires. Oops.

2. Older motels run by families are a blessing.

And the number one thing I discovered on this most beautiful trip?
Leaving a child at college states away from home is not for wimps… Gasp, sob, smile because I know who has him in the palm of his hand.

We had a great time with Matthew on the way there and are so thankful God has his back.
As He has ours. We can take this promise to the spiritual bank. Check out Joshua 1:5 “No one will be able to stand against you all the days of your life. As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you” (Joshua 1:5, NIV)”

About Liz Cowen Furman

Liz is an author, artist, encourager, mentor, teacher and popular speaker. However, her most important job is as mother to her three teen-aged boys and being a support to her husband, Appellate Court Judge, Dave Furman. All of whom give her much fodder for her writing and speaking (with permission of course). Find out more at
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3 Responses to “Road Trip!”
  1. Kim says:

    I love road trips! One thing we noticed about driving through Utah (where we also saw rainbows, hmmmmmm) was the need to make sure you had gas! Maybe things have changed, but many of the exits came with the warning “no services.” Thanks for your “list!”

  2. Kim says:

    oh, and I forgot to ask. What is a cinnamon disc?? I may bring some along on my next road trip!

    • Hi Kim,
      For some reason I just saw this question. A cinnamon disc is a hard candy made by Brachs (and many other companies) that is hot and cinnamon flavored. The hotter the better it works. :0)
      Happy Trails and sorry it took me so long to answer.

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