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By Makenzie Allen –

Another day, another move, it seemed like my life routine. Gazing out at the changing surroundings, watching my home pass by in a blur of different shapes and colors, it felt like everything I’d treasured and enjoyed over the past years was being stolen with every added mile. Tears rolled down my face as I wondered how I’d ever have something even close to my comfortable little life in Mansfield, Ohio. We were moving, again. My dad had gathered my brothers and I together and told us the news that we were moving to Texas, to a small town called Lubbock. After roughly five years of living in Ohio, we were just straight up moving. I’d had my fill already with moving, I was born in Michigan, moved to Wyoming when young, then moved to Ohio in my preteen years. The Lord knew how sick I was of this whole expedition; I’d complained plenty about it. Somehow, He still wasn’t getting it though, my life was way easier when He didn’t move us from state to state. I thought God was supposed to give me joy, instead He decides it might just be fun to move my family and I all around the country. That’s how I saw it, at that point I was determined that if I were in control, life would be a lot better. What I didn’t know is how wrong I really was.

Arriving at our small home in Lubbock, I quickly started to become a hermit of a girl. I figured that if I tried to make friends we’d just move again, causing me more pain. So I stuck with the easy, self-serving plan. How hard could it be right? Just hang out with my bitter thoughts and I. The more mature part of me should have quit the self-pity long before, but I was content to care only about my problems.

Slowly I started bringing my troubles to the Lord. I even made a friend on my tennis team. That’s when I realized: God had my back. My faith seemed to be growing and changing me in ways that have made my character much different than it was. I started to thrive in my community, spiritually and physically. Realizing how wrong I had been for doubting God’s plan for me, I continued to hold fast to His word. While in Texas, I had two dreams that to this day I remember just as clearly as when I had them, both equally meaningful and applicable to my circumstances. They have continued to be of encouragement even still as I continue to walk the road of faith. It was an uplifting experience and made my move all the more character building.

Now I have moved one time since then and am living happily in Michigan. That move brought grief as well, but after a time of sadness and a feeling of loss I began to grow once more. I still struggle with doubt as to God’s plan for my life. However, now I often get excited at the thought of having another struggle present. In my life of sixteen years, one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that struggles bring healing to a problem you never knew you had. So when you feel the pain of yet another heartache in your life, know that the Lord is making you new. Shaping you into a person who will be strong in faith, mind, and soul.

About Makenzie Allen

Makenzie Allen is a christian teen with a passion to write. Besides writing articles for The Christian Pulse, she also has her own blog at
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2 Responses to “Made New”
  1. Becki DeVore says:

    This is so insightful! I love the things the Lord has taught you.
    My husband and I also follow God and move when he says.
    We attended Jesus Culture the Awakening in Chicago this past year.
    One of the things Cindy Jacobs prophesied was about a group of “Circuit Riders”
    that God is raising up and sending out. This seems to be how he is bringing about this last great awaking. He is strategically moving people who depend on him. When you are moved to a new location your atmosphere changes the atmosphere of that place.

    Our soul purpose as believers is to know Christ and to make him known.
    Even if we start out as a believer at a young age.
    When you understand it is not about you, as you have so clearly learned, you begin to see it as an adventure. Who will God have me meet next? What is going to happen today? Always looking to the Father for what he is doing that day.
    What an honor to be chosen as a “circuit rider” at such a young age!

    I am glad you have come to this place of seeing with the eyes of the spirit and no long with the natural eyes that are so blind some time 🙂

    Thank you for sharing these great thoughts and truths.
    Love ya,
    A fellow Circuit Rider
    May our paths cross on this road to heaven 🙂

  2. Shannon says:

    Wow! Love it!
    “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”
    – Albert Einstein

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